Friday 28 September 2012

It's been a while...

... Both since my last post and also since we last played one of my least favourite football clubs, Blackburn Rovers. But I'll get to that in a bit.

So a quick apology to anyone who is regularly kind enough to visit this page and read (and mostly disagree with I'd imagine) my views. My rather pregnant wife (number six en route for 21st December) managed to both rupture her cruciate ligament  and snap her cartelidge, works been a headache and we bloody lost against Palace. So both my time and enthusiasm have been a tad hampered of late. Sorry.

A quick 'whistle-stop' review of the last four game. Following the home draw against Hull City, who are becoming one of the fancied sides to be there or there about's come the end of the season, we then lost three on the spin, all be it with late rallies to try and get something out of the game. (How good would it have been for Hamer to hammer the ball into the back of the net in last minutes against Palace?) These late shows were simply not good enough, the side looked unbalanced and most worryingly Jackson looked out of his depth, out of sorts and out of position at left midfield. Something needed to change.

Away to Ipswich loomed, without the boy Rhoys now confirmed as a mid term injury victim and Yan the Man out injured I wasn't hopeful and expected this to be an unfortunate defining moment. As it turned out it may well have been a defining moment. For the good! It's been no big secret that Jacko's preferred role is in the centre of midfield, funny that he originally played for us on loan at left back, moved into left midfield as cover and may well have found his perfect slot in the middle. Kerkar looks like being another astute signing and reports are that he looked very good on the left. Fuller came in for Kermo, and scored one of the most confident and proactive goals I've seen scored by a Charlton forward for some time. A case of 'i've got the ball, get out of my way, now i'll shoot'. Out of the bottom three and all looking a bit more rosy.

One downside was how effortlessly Solly slotted into left back. This boys got talent. I find it so bemusing that the transfer window interest was in Stephens and not young Chris. A full back who looks (so I hear) equally at home on the left or right defensivley and going forward must be worth a mint!

So on to tomorrows game.  I have a solid hatred for Blackburn Rovers. The first team to really 'buy' the league title. (Pre Chelsea and Man City). Broke my teenage heart beating us in the Full Members Cup Final at Wembley, back in the days when I had absolutely no expectation that we would end up both back at the Valley and considered as THE model premiership small club. And of course historically (prior to my time of course) thwarting us at our original attempt to get straight back into the old first division in the days when we used to have regular BIG BIG BIG crowds. And an ex employer who have a box at Ewood Park, who when I asked about their history of supporting Rovers explained that they'd never been in the seats let alone the terrace, grew up in Tulse Hill supporting Arsenal as a kid, and the first live game they went to was the first game after Jack Walker had invested his millions into the playing staff to all but ensure promotion from the executive box they'd bought.

It's one of those games tomorrow I think. Crash or burn. Either Keane (odd man that he seems) will bring his players down to the Valley where they will bounce straight back from their recent defeat and put us promptly back in 'our place' OR Sir Chris's plans will slowly start to take place. These enforced changes to our line up I think were inevitable. Powell admirably stuck with those players that made us all so proud last season, and rightly so. But I think now he will begin to ring the changes that should see us safely flopping around mid table for the rest of the season. I see Kerkar on the left, Jackson in the middle, Solly perhaps back on the right and Evina, who it would seem is beginning to garner favor on the left. Fuller, if fit, will start up front with BWP.

I've got this funny feeling we're going to see some goals tomorrow. I'm going to plump for a 5-0 to us, piling the agony (and P45) on the Blackburn manager and giving me five reason to be cheerful. I might even have a punt on it.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

It's nearly here...

... You'll have to forgive me for being a bit overexcited. I always get excited about the Addicks taking the field, but no more so than when we play local rivals Palace.

It's been one thousand three hundred and twenty six days since we last played and beat them, back at the Valley in 2009. (Yes I am that sad that i have worked out this fact with several old calendars and a bit of MENTAL arrhythmic).

I've enjoyed (and agonised) watching this fixture so many times. My Millwall supporting mate agree's that this for him is also always the one to win. You want and need bragging rights and a defeat can not only write of the evening for you but pretty much the rest of the month. (If not he season if it6's a bad one).

Palace moments that stick in my mind are many.

The penultimate game at the Valley, when THAT crappy piece of paper was first handed (as I remember it) and us going on to beat them 3-1 to stick two fingers up at their crowing supporters.

Sitting in The Arthur Waite Upper as a teenager with my Dad, with just a bit of barb separating us from some idiot spitting at us and generally looking like he wanted to murder me.

Losing at home in the play off semi final. Steve Claridge breaking hundreds of Palace hearts by firing a late winner for Leicester in a play off final.

The photo copied cuttings from pretty much every national paper mounted on the wall behind my desk proudly on display for all and sundry to see the morning after 'nine goal went past Perry...'

Dennis Rommedahl

Pacing nervously around my garden listening to the match updates come in and chatting nervously to my Millwall supporting friend whilst we waited, post Fortune goal, for confirmation of their relegation. (That particular celebration came back to bite us on the bum).

Iain 'Bloody!' Dowie

And stand jumping from the middle of my front room floor onto my bay window ledge, then letting out a primal scream, to celebrate our most recent match winning goal.

Sir Chris will certainly understand and not underestimate the importance of this fixture. I'm sure he'll get his tactics spot on and I'll have a great weekend.

Ricardo to arrive at The Valley in style and bragging rights coming to SE7 for a few months at least. Charlton 3-1.