Sunday 17 April 2011

Charlton 0 Huddersfield 1 r'effing hell

Only two more home games to go. (Thank goodness).

I felt that yesterday, finally, the players were beginning to get the message from Sir Chris and starting to play with a slightly better shape and trying some things they must have been practicing on the training ground during the match.

To be fair it was a pretty even game, both sides had periods of supremacy, and we had quite a few chances to get in front.

At the very least we deserved a draw, and I think probably a win.  Once again the awful refereeing at this level was most evident, and had a huge impact upon the final result.  Huddersfield getting away with some quite cynical challenges at times. And the goal. Apparently players are supposed to keep their hands at their sides when in a wall for a free kick.  You tell me anyone who isn't going to try and protect themselves when a leather ball is about to be struck at them at speed.  And how can it really be hand to ball when a ball travelling at x miles per hour hits a players hand in the wall?

Once again Semedo showed he is one of the few on the playing staff that is Charlton through and through. He deserved the captains armband, and I can only really see Stewart being his closest challenger out of the current crop next season. (This doesn't take into account who we bring in and whether or not Dailly is now finished).

Of the team that played yesterday, the only players I really hope we keep for next season are Bessone, Semedo, Stewart, BWP and Llera (even though he wasn't used).  I'd also like to see Sullivan back at the Valley next season (he's out of contract in the summer) he looked solid and if nothing else has excellent taste in music.

I won't be at the Rochdale game as I'll be travelling back from a visit to the outlaws in Dorset.

I will, babysitter permitting, be there for the last game of this awful season. And fully intend to take advantage of the kids for a quid initiative and bring four of my kids along. Hopefully poor Jack may finally see Charlton win. (Otherwise I fear losing him to the dark side).

Sullivan; Solly, Fortune, Doherty, Bessone; Wagstaff, Semedo, Stewart, Racon (Reid 78), Benson, Wright-Phillips. Subs (not used): Gough, Francis, Llera, Parrett, Eccleston, Nouble.

Friday 15 April 2011

Confused of Kent! Not anymore.

1Brighton and Hove A2212731033917+22431.95
4Peterborough United211038334342+1331.57
5Huddersfield Town231139773528+7361.57
6Charlton Athletic22976533733+4341.55
7Hartlepool United21957872629-3321.52
8Sheffield Wednesday221039973422+12331.50
10Colchester United2171044530300311.48
11Milton Keynes Dons2210210742933-4321.45
12Oldham Athletic20785633027+3291.45
13Notts County219210763029+1291.38
14Plymouth Argyle22868362932-3301.36
15Carlisle United21777752924+5281.33
17Exeter City22859363340-7291.32
18Leyton Orient21768543133-2271.29
19Swindon Town22778333638-2281.27
20Tranmere Rovers217410562432-8251.19
21Bristol Rovers21579362539-14221.05
22Yeovil Town215511682136-15200.95
23Dagenham and Redb'ge214611272337-14180.86

Above is where we were at back on 5th January this year after Mr Parkinson had been handed his P45 and kicked up the road.

Below is where we are now.

1Brighton and Hove A4127952067732+45902.20
3Huddersfield Town412111916106440+24741.80
4Peterborough United41218121049468+26711.73
5Milton Keynes Dons41208131456154+7681.66
8Leyton Orient411613121476355+8611.49
9Exeter City41161015985967-8581.41
10Colchester United411512149135052-2571.39
12Charlton Athletic41141215995760-3541.32
13Hartlepool United411591713174458-14541.32
14Carlisle United41141116141153530531.29
15Oldham Athletic4112151414154854-6511.24
16Sheffield Wednesday411481912135962-3501.22
17Yeovil Town411481911144559-14501.22
18Tranmere Rovers4012101810144356-13461.15
19Plymouth Argyle40137205154664-18461.15
20Dagenham and Redb'ge411111195124860-12441.07
21Notts County401262211164053-13421.05
23Bristol Rovers411110209134374-31431.05
24Swindon Town41814198134664-18380.93

A staggering collapse of form or a true view of what the current crop of playing staff are capable of ?

If you compartmentalise our season into months I think a truer picture becomes apparent.

There were only two month periods all season where we obtained a points per game record that mirrored that of the team that was in the real sixth and final play off spot.

August, despite our form position being 8th, we were equal on points per game to the sixth placed side. November, our only unbeaten month, we were top of the form league. With the exception of January, where we finished with a goal difference of zero, these were the only two months that we did not cash in a negative goal difference. So out of nine months, we only had a plus goal difference twice. That's less than quarter of the season.

Thank god for mediocrity I say!

All things being relative during our best month  3 out of the 4 teams we played have been flirting with relegation all season and during our worst month 6 of the 8 teams we played are still harbouring hopes of a play off spot.

Interestingly both month's effected by the awful weather conditions were our worst. December when we only played twice and March when we had to play catch up and played on average twice a week every week due to Decembers postponements.

I think what is apparent is that regardless of either Parky or Powell the squad we have currently is on the whole a bland bunch and only capable of mid table consistency.

Still ever the optimist we only need to win all of our remaining games and Brentford, Colchester, Exeter, Leyton Orient, Rochdale and Bournmouth go into a Charlton like free fall.

Come on you Reds!!!

Sunday 3 April 2011

Charlton 3 Leyton Orient 1

Huzzaah. We won. And about bloodyime!

Another lacklustre first half performance was followed by a reaction to Sir Chris's half time team talk. And a second half that was both entertaining and showed that this group of players, when they put their minds to it, can take the game by the scruff of it's neck and win games.

Aided by what was a classic goalkeeping blooper, BWP added to his consistent goal haul.

I'm posting this at nearly lunchtime on the Sunday because I got far too 'happy' drinking wine celebrating the end of our dreadful run.

Onwards and upwards hopefully. Away to the Saints on Tuesday night, it's one of their games in hand.  I'm actually confident that a nervous performance from a Southampton who will be feeling the pressure of needing to win to catch Huddersfield will see us win another.

Come on you Reds!!!

Friday 1 April 2011

Charlton v Leyton Orient Preview

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the o's. A thoroughly unoffensive London club without any delusions of grandure and a real family feel about the place.

I remember, too many years ago, being chased by West Ham thugs after attending an evening Auto Windglass Trophy match between Orient and Aldershot with some Millwall supporting friends from college.

It's becoming more and more difficult to predict our results based on form when we have none! Apparently against Rochdale we did actually look to play reasonably well again, and were unlucky to come away wth nothing.

Looking at the fact's and stats Leyton Orient are only 5 points off of the play off pace and have a game in hand, so have alot more riding on the game than our own team.  They have won 26% of their away games so far this season and have a goal difference of minus 4.

Historically at all venues we have a marginally better record of 32 wins to their 28.  Last season we beat them at Brisbane Road and they beat us at the Valley. We've already beaten them at Brisbane Road this season. Could we see a repeat of last season?

Charlton are on the monumental run of 11 without a win. The good news is that we have some way to go before we hold the record of most league wins without a game. (Currently held at 37 by Derby County).  Orient have embarked on their very own no win run.  Failing to win in the last three outings. (Lightweights!)

The bookies have us at 7/5, Orient at 21/10 and the draw at 5/2.

Gosh, all this information makes any kind of scientific punt so bloody difficult.

I'm going to base my prediction on the fact that at home, we have won 10 encounters to Leyton Orient's 6.  Therefore the difference being 4, I am going to plump for a four nil win to the mighty Addicks.
Come on you reds!!!