Friday 13 April 2018

Too many question and not enough answers...

Things are never ordinary down in SE7 these days (or for much of the last 4 years to be honest).

Decisions seem to be being made, but i'm just not sure who by??? Season ticket prices have been announced, changes to the way they can be purchased, a new loyalty scheme, Young Reds revamp. With an absent uninterested owner, no FD, no CEO who in the hell is rubber stamping these decisions?

Has Murray been told to get on with things but don't spend too much money?

Is Duchalet dragging out the sale of the club so he can accrue more profit from the ever increasing burden of debt he is ladling onto Charlton?

Are there actually even two parties close to agreeing a deal? Or was it all just a smoke screen to put off the various protests that were beginning to be ramped up again.

The Bowyer bounce does seem to have slowed over the past two games, but I do have every confidence in him, and the team, to win some more of the games left to play. Whether it will be enough to gain a play off berth only time will tell.

In the event we do make the play off's and succeed in getting promoted back to The Championship, then next season, if Duchalet is still the owner, could well be the most catastrophic under he's stewardship.

There would be a lack of investment in players, of this i'm sure, which would include those out of contract making their escape. We'd also i'm certain see some of our emerging young talent sold off to 'balance the books.

Can you imagine a threadbare squad, supplemented by youngsters promoted from the Under 23's competing in that division?  We could could see record bad season.  With even more dwindling crowds despite being in a higher league.

Something needs to give soon. But as time marches on I am starting to get really worried about what lays ahead.