Monday 9 January 2017

A return to The Valley...

It's been a while since my last post, but not as long as it is since I've attended The Valley, having been boycotting in protest of Meire and Duchalets stinking regime.

He's further indeered himself to the Charlton faithful by referring both us and SCP as being stupid. What a mug!

However, like many addicktions (do you like what I did there?), I'm finding myself pulled back towards The Valley. It's a combination of things really. Don't get me wrong I'm not about to suddenly become a regime apologist. It's just for a combination of reasons that spark seems to becoming re-igniting.

We've seen both Fox and Lookman sold on, Foley (who I never got to see) released.

Initially I was not a fan of Robinson as manager. Bit of a rent a gob was my initial opinion. However his apparent passion seems to be having a contagious effect upon me. Results have picked up marginally. But I've been going to Charlton for over thirty years so am by no means a glory hunter driven by results.

We won't fully get our Charlton back until Duchalet departs. To be honest when he does go we may find ourselves with someone even worst. (Difficult to imagine I know). I'm not sure we'll ever get back to those wonderful Curbishley days, that is unless Varney is in charge of putting a takeover together. Now there's a man who understands what Charlton is all about.

We've seen the return of Watt, and some interesting signings, a move away from the usual network jetsam and flotsam and out of contract journey men.

I understand the atmosphere at The Valley is still, if not more toxic, than it had become last season. Which was a major contributing factor to me not renewing my season ticket.

It's my birthday weekend when we host Fleetwood so I have decided to take my whole troop, wife included (a Liverpool supporting scoucer) for a birthday day out. I won't be giving Roland's chosen catering contractor my money but will probably go to the all you can eat buffet at the O2 and then find a family friendly pub for a few beers before kick off. (Any suggestions, could be closer to Greenwich than the Valley).

I'll probably regret it come 4.45 on the fifth, but can't help these itchy feet.