Monday 28 December 2015

And we all stood up...

A shapeless insipid performance from the Addicks today with a backdrop of frustration and anger by the now too long suffering paying punters who have suffered the current regime for far too long now allow our great club to become a sanitised former figure of itself.

When the chant to stand up if you hate Roland rang out from the upper North it didn't take long for the entire Charlton crowd, north west and east, applauded by the Wolves contingent to do just that.

Today the result didn't actually matter that much. The nature of it, along with the breaking news that a consortium fronted by Peter Varney has been trying since October to set up a meeting with RD about investing in or buying the club and being continuously fobbed off, further fanning the feeling of discontent at The Valley.

The highlight of the game itself was Big Mac or whatever the useless lumps name is completely taking the ref out with a staggering/diving head butt.

We are deservedly second bottom, and I can see no reason why we will not become entrenched there or worse for the rest of the season and be saying hello to our friends down at The New Den come August next year.

What happens in the interim is of critical importance. We need sensible owners who understand football. We need a manager who understands football. And we need players who want to play football, for this club.

One good point from today, I'd lost my phone in Bartrams before the game. A big thanks to whoever was honest enough to hand it in to reception and the receptionist for tracking me down via my daughter who wasn't at the game before I got to my car and half way home. Cheers.

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Saturday 19 December 2015

The Deluded...How much bloody longer?

No report on the official club website yet. Burnley are a decent enough side but we are now plummeting towards League One and I see absolutely of way of swerving this fate.

Based on my own goal difference rule (it rarely lies, best goal difference wins the league, worst doesn't) we are well and truly down shit creek without a paddle about.

You can't actually sack an interim coach can you? Because they are temporary anyway aren't they? (That's quite convenient isn't it?).

I've seen Charlton sides fail before. Be relegated. And lose by worst margins than 4-0. But still kept coming back for more. The current incarnation of Charlton, well, it's just not Charlton. The sterilisation that has been perpetrated by the Belgium mafia is nothing short of disgusting and shows a complete misunderstanding of the beautiful game.

Poor decisions, a lack of intelligent investment. Duchalet is a rich man. I wouldn't expect anyone with an ounce of common sense to come in and do to Charlton what various foreigners with more money than sense have done to the Chelsea's, Man Cities and PSG's of the world. However, to come and think that you will be able to make money out of running a football club as a profitable business is ludicrous. It really is. The thing that makes you money in football is a good brand coupled with success. It is actually as simple as that. There are few clubs inside the premier league AND the other biggest leagues in the world that actually turn a profit. A lot of the biggest clubs in the world make modest losses. That's just the way it works.

For the deluded idiot to actually believe his model will work shows him to be the egotist he really is. In South London we would refer to him as a bit of a mug! It really isn't about results, it's about the nature of the results. I've always regarded Belgium's food as being rather famously bland. He's made us the footballing equivalent. I love the game and everything Charlton used to stand for. I honestly believe that if things continue as they have been Welling United may well find the need to redevelop their ground as more and more Addicks look for a local club they can identify with. (Let's face it, no one walking away from the Valley is going to swell the other local fl72 grounds).

Perhaps there's the next protest? All defecting for one game to whatever local none league club of your choice.

We've had Franchise FC up in Milton Keynes. Now we are officially introduced to Disenfranchised Apathetic FC.

You've ruined my weekends Roland. Please piss off soon.

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Saturday 28 November 2015

Two Percenters...

It's all a bit surreal down at the Valley these days. Confusing as well. On the one hand I don't know whether I actually want us to win again and give the current dictatorship the opportunity to say 'look we were right...again!' (Deluded bunch that they are). But on the other hand, it's not Karols fault he got offered the 'opportunity of a life time', and I do prefer to see us play with spirit and win games. And let's be honest, does anyone really want to see our great club back in League One?

The 2% campaign began last night with some online stuff (considering I blog as a hobby I really am a Luddite when it comes to most forms of social media) and I'm sure it was a very useful excercise.

I really hope today that the Charlton faithfull, who have been uncharacteristicuarly divided for some time, pull together in front of the Sky Cameras and hold up their black and white 2% signs as a collective on 2 minutes. Just imagine how embarrassing it would look if, well say only two per cent of the stadium participated.

Stop Press!

I started writing this before today's familiar capitulation against yet another vastly more experienced Championship side.

To be honest the two per cent post title could still be applied. To the atmosphere (or lack of it) in the home ends for much of the game. To the level of commitment from several of the Charlton players. To give Big Mac a 2% for effort today would be generous. Jackson coming off so early was a major blow. Ve Tez (can we please start signing some players with basic easy to pronounce and say names soon?)  looked lively and did actually make us look a little more dangerous up front. My heart went out to Lookman, a great prospect but the current situation can't be doing much for his confidence or prospects of developing to his full potential.

Mick McArthy is a seasoned campaigner, he would have looked at how we performed and won our last two games with a midfield diamond and set his own teams shape and tactics up to nullify and combat that. And it worked. That's because he is an extremely EXPERIENCED Championship manager, he knows how to get the best out of his players and when he needs to tweak things.

I didn't make the game today, having to do the usual ferrying around of children to scouts, football, training and rainbows that all gets crammed into the morning but allows me to get to the Valley in time for my 1.30 pint and pre match rituals.

For those that did Katriens sneering face was a picture when the sky cameras panned to it when the two per cent posters were held up in the second minute. I've finally decided. I'm not a fan of hers, I believe she thinks we are all a bunch of stupid plebs.

Reality is that the current owners need to admit they are wrong and we and the growing media commentators (it's was good to see the situation discussed live and seriously by the Sky pundits as the backdrop to the game) are right. If they want to have any kind of stability or success in the UK branch of their footballing experiment they need to recruit from outside the network and for all thing football related set a budget and take a back seat, allowing someone with the right experience to do the job properly and give us a fighting chance of not sliding down the football pyramid due to our deluded owners naevity.

Saturday 21 November 2015

Tough test for 'Fraeyes' Addicks ahead...

After the latest revealing interview (see Michael Morrison in the SLP) further undermining Katrien Meires credibility, I've almost resigned myself to carrying on regardless with my support of CAFC, as I have done through near winding up orders, Selhurst Park and the third division (durning several era's).

However, I will still moan, and hopefully wait for the incumbent owners to move on and see what type of nut job we get next.

I have no doubts that had Michael Morrison got the chance he deserved in Peeters Charlton side then he would either still be at the club and jockeying Jonnie Jackson for legend status or we'd have cashed in and he'd be playing for a half decent premier league club. Something he may well end up doing with Birmingham anyway if they stick to their current trajectory.

Today will be a tough test for our players and also for the level of bullshit our owners can come out with, if as I suspect, we get absolutely trounced up at St Andrews. This is not me being overly pessimistic or negative, just realistic. Although I was proven to be wrong against Wednesday prior to the international break.

Interestingly Lennon and Ansah have been recalled from their loan spells. This screams to me that due to our skinny squad we need to find bodies to fill up ur subs bench.

Our only hope is that the revelation that was our performance in the last home game was Jason Euell inspired and he can create the same effect today.

I'm afraid that we will lose today though, lose bad, and will wait with baited breath to see what toffee Katrien comes up with to support the continuation of Karels 'interim contract'.

I have been wrong before, so here's hoping.

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Saturday 7 November 2015

The minutes silence for remembrance Sunday always make a shiver run down my spine. With the exception of some dickheads behind the Jimmy Seed Stand it was perfectly observed.

The media in general seems to be having its collective ears pricked up regarding the current unrest amongst the Addicks loyal supporters.

Apparently, according to Sky, the pre match team talk was delivered by a sergeant from Woolwich barracks. Perhaps he should be installed as our full time manager?

Onto the game. I certainly didn't see that result or performance coming! Did you? Wednesday really were never at the races. Charlton played a tight diamond formation, pressed upfield, never playing deep - which had become a problem under Luzons stewardship. I laughed out loud when the covered end began singing 'Jason Euells Red and White army'.

Unfortunately we now have an international break to put the scuppers on any momentum we may have gained on the back of this result.

Interestingly I felt Big Mac and Rezza actually gave us some goal threat up top. And I have to admit, I was aghast on Tuesday night when I saw the very young Lookman came on. However he looked like areal prospect. Cocky and confident with the ball at his feet, looking for the pass from his teammates and running towards goal. A real prospect. (I wonder how long until we sell him to Liverpool on the cheap?)

All in all mixed feeling tonight at Chez Coops. I'm really glad the players turned up, rolled their sleeves up, and pulled off a great result. Still completely unsure about Fraey. But it did warm the cockles of my heart to see Jason Euell animatedly directing the players from the technical area.

Pleased, confused and confounded in equal measure.

Great to see the fans sofa disappear, that type of moronic bollocks has no place at football. Apparently this was one of the things that was sung about outside the West Stand.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say t again and again - never a dull moment.

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Thursday 5 November 2015

Storm clouds gathering down in SE7...

Things seem to be gathering at pace down in SE7. First there is the planned protest outside the West Stand at 2.30pm.

Then the some may say cynical quick announcement of the family zone being 're-launched' and moved to, ahem, outside the West Stand. Leading many to accuse the Flemish hierarchy of using young supporters as a 'human shield' to throw a spanner in the works of the afore mentioned protest. (To be honest I've heard from a usually militant and anti RD source that this was always going to be the case anyway).

Add to this Sir Chris being suddenly available for work (I have to say, on the back of an excellent display away to Reading, his sacking was a bit harsh, as was the Huddersfield's boards statement that it was because they have decided to take the club in a different direction) whilst we wait with baited breath for KM to carry out another exhaustive search for a full time head coach.

I'm no apologist for the fact I think Chris Powell and CAFC have unfinished business, let's face it, the guy keeps coming back again and again.

Sprinkle in the ridiculous statement from Fraye about Conor Mcenleys loan stint being cut short because there is no room in the squad for any players who are not committed to the cause (I'd say there actually is lots of room in the squad for anyone fit, who has ever kicked a football, even my Mum. Or an untested under 18 striker! Poppycock Fraye. I liked you whilst Riga was in charge, but you are becoming a real network Flemish sound bite lackey).

It's all looking like heading towards something of a roller coaster ride, no change there then. I'm just hoping it's more for the current ridiculous board rather than our supporters. Duchalet nearly (in fact he eventually did) threw the towel in when Standard Liege supporters kicked off back in Flemland, the problem we have is there's an ocean between SE7 and him, so he's not as likely to feel the heat as much as he did back then.

Personally I'd like to see a robust, sensible and intelligent (typical Charlton style) protest, and the Flems finally giving up the game and buggering off back to Flemland, with their collective tails between their legs. Let's stop kidding ourselves. These jokers are taking our great club nowhere. Not backwards, not forwards. They are simply watching Charlton slowly evaporate.

All rather irritating, this 'talk to the hand' attitude, but based on past experience, there will only be one winner in this battle.

Chins up.


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Sunday 1 November 2015

110 years down the swanny...

Yet another 3-0 defeat, although this time we were away AND against a more than competent Middlesborough side, Charlton look like risking lurching at a rapid speed back towards the third tier of English football.

No one can blame the current regime for trying to run the club as financially astutely as possible, but the way they release sound bites and try to pull the wool over the clubs long suffering supporters eyes beggars belief and is frankly an insult to our intelligence.

Fraey does seem like a decent guy with the best of intentions, but to use an analogy - you wouldn't get a lollipop lady to perform keyhole surgery!

The guys just not qualified or experienced enough to manage any team at this level, let alone the small ragtag bunch of players at his disposal at Charlton.

I really can't see the way forward at this point. If, as I suspect, Fraey doesn't get the run of luck he needs to lift us up the table and get his 'interim' position turned into a permanent one, who will the board replace him with? I'm certainly disillusioned and not delusional enough to not expect a British manager with plenty of experience of the Championship coming in tasked with steadying the ship.

What's more likely is another lackey from the RD stable appearing from stage left.

Considering St Truiden beat ex RD owned Standard Liege in their last league game to move to seventh in the Juliper Pro League perhaps unlike some thought, we are not the mothership in this network. We may even see numbers bolstered as per Fraeys last stint as Riga's assistant by a bunch of network no marks. Just this time stiffs from the St Truiden squad.

All very depressing. I'm not one of those who grew up first experiencing Charlton as a well run club competing with the Premier Leagues elite season after season, so do not have unreasonable expectation. But I am someone who has seen five promotions, two Wembley finals and a two long serving English managers who performed miracles, never bought success, and gave us hope as fans of some glory from time to time.

As negative as this sounds, I simply cannot see us getting anything up at Milton Keynes on Tuesday, leaving us with the prospect of facing a very good Sheffield Wednesday side at what will probably be another hostile atmosphere at The Valley.

I need a stiff drink!

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Sunday 25 October 2015

Disclaimer... Under 18's do not read his...

So my patience is now spent. A insulting attempt at decrying fraye is an interim appointment ,meant to trick us stupid south east London peasants into thinking there will be anything other then fraye appointed as full time member of the networ is frankly and fucking a disgraceful insult to every Charlton supporters intelligence.

It is time, I've personally given this shower of shite grace, that others haven't. If someone out there (Voice of The Valley?) wants to begin to organise I'm quite ready to follow.

These tits cannot continue to destroy the club we love. Frankly I'd rather do a Portsmouth.

Love this club, despise its owners.

Saturday 24 October 2015

Luzons gone!

Luzon and Matthews have both had their contracts terminated with immediate effect.

Malky Mackay was pictured in the West Stand at today's game apparently.

I expect a quick appointment. Never a dull moment!

Woeful, inept and disgraceful...

So I'm guessing that the opening few weeks of the season were a bit of an anomaly and the bookies were spot on in their analysis of our playing staff, management and chances of beating the drop.

I find it impossible to find any pluses from today's game or single out any of the players for not having a shocker. To a man they looked somewhat lost. Like they'd never played together and were completely out of their depth. Two home games running ironed out by opposition that we should be targeting for all three points, simply not good enough!

The root of the problem has to be with the owners of the club. The host of managers who have failed to live up to RD's unrealistic expectations have not been given the chance to be a football manager. Head Coach as a roll only works if the players they are given are of good enough quality and depth that they can coach them between games to deliver the game plan to win matches. Powell, Riga, Peeters and Guy Bufoon have all been given players chosen by a 'committee' who's main agenda seems to be to spend a little and hopefully unearth some rough cut diamonds and hidden gems that will do well and be shipped out at a profit. It's pretty depressing what the current regime are doing to the club via their naevity and 'mother knows' best attitude.

Let's be honest they have had their chances, and if Luzon goes will be recruiting a fourth manager since taking over just over a season ago. I just hope they realise the business model they came up with doesn't work and either see sense and appoint an experienced manager, give him a budget and handover player recruitment and all football related matters to him and let him get on with it. Or do one!

Wednesday 21 October 2015

A labour of love...

The trouble with blogging about any subject is that it's driven by the individuals passion and enthusiasm about a given subject.

Hence the fact I've not really posted too much since September. Following on from last nights, yet again, dismal performance and even more depressing result, and reading other people's blogs, I've been prompted to power up the iPad and put my thoughts out there.

For me last night would be placed equally beside the quarter final capitulation against Sheffield United as joint low point of the current regime. The toxic (and to be honest who can blame them) atmosphere emanating around The Valley making home games become a bit of a chore to say the least.

We all like to romanticise things, and after the encouraging opening 4 games of this season we had perhaps all become a bit guilty of false optimism. Ignoring the fact that we have a slightly eccentric manager, with very limited experience at this level, a very very thin squad of players with lots of potential, but again little experience of playing Championship level football.

What makes everything even more frustrating is the spin that comes out of the club, the excuses for lacklustre performance time after time not being placed at either the players, managers or owners feet. Always some mitigating outside force conspiring to stop us getting the result we all want.

Reality is that we are in a much worst position than when either Powell, Riga or Peeters departed. So what's to do?

Regardless of the injury situation (bad luck or bad training methods?) I see no one on the management or playing side, besides yet again injured Jonnie Jackson, who could take this group and pull it up by the scruff of its neck?

To blame our current form solely on 'key' players not being available is frankly ludicrous. Pope is young in goalkeeping terms. What was to stop us going out during the emergency window and bringing in a Championship experienced goalkeeper on loan? And however good or not Makaenik may be, it's not really comparable to losing Louis Suarez is it?

As I'm writing this, who knows?, once I press the publish button and return to the cafc home page I'll find a 'club statement' announcing Luzons departure and yet another unheard of member of the EU being shipped in to save the day!

Or, he types having put on his rose tinted spectacles, an experienced English manager with some pedigree appearing to save the day. Or even an old Charlton head coming back in to partner a younger Charlton face and help us rise up the table.

There we have it, that hideous cup half full optimism that has kept me coming back for more over the last thirty five years.

Come on you Reds!!! (He says, albeit slightly apathetically)

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Monday 28 September 2015

Fruitless September...

Following on from the dreadful home defeat against Huddersfield we have since lost 3 tricky away games in Blackburn, Palace and Cardiff to complete a rather depressingly winless September.

Thankfully our surprise good start to the season means the points haul achieved in August leaves us wedged between mid table and a loss apart from being dragged into the early relegation battle.

I'd rather have a dip in form this early in the season, as we have seen in the last few Championship season you can raise your game and results sufficiently in the third quarter of the season to ensure a nervy free finish to the campaign.

A bit of an unambitious outlook you may think, but it is what it is.  We are two or three players short of a competitive squad, and when we have more than one senior injured or rested it is and has shown to be too much to ask the youngsters to completely step up.  Not their fault as individuals, they just don't have the game time and experience to really steady proceedings at Championship level. (Just look at what a positive impact Callum Harriot has had since stepping down a division to become a key player for Colchester United).

We go into October in need of a couple of decent results to help us keep some daylight between the bottom third of the table and ourselves.

Starting with a tricky Sunday midday kick off home game (annoying???) versus a Fulham team who finally seem to be finding their collective feet in The Championship.  It will be a big ask, what with our Sky TV record, but this along with the home games against Preston and Brentford are the three we really need to be targeting for 6-7 points from in October.  Of course if the boys do put in a shift and come away with a good performance and more importantly 3 points we then have to suffer the momentum sapping interruption of an international break before we travel to Reading for our next game.

With the old negativity and anti RD/sack Luzon brigade rediscovering their voices, October looks like being a potential rocky ride for the team.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Ahmed Kashi & Chris Solly 1 Huddersfield 2...

Well perhaps the tag line is a little unjust, but I've just got home from one of the most woefully inept Charlton performances I have seen for a long time.  For the second match in days, on our own turf, we were frustrated and you could say a little humiliated by two teams who are where they are in the league, all be it early doors, on the merit of their ability.

The only two players who could come out with any credit whatsoever would be Solly and Kashi. Not one to single out players, and there are a few I could (and will) after tonight's capitulation, but it simply was not good enough to contradict the bookies making us early favourites for a bottom three place.

Perhaps our blind partisan optimism stopped us seeing the practicality of the bookies stance?

We played so fluidly in the opening two home games, but tonight were disjointed, undisciplined and generally awful. Bad passing, sloppy challenges and what was worst, once our opening gambit of a tactic quite obviously was not going to work, did we change it? No! We kept passing the ball from left to right to left to right, back, forward from left to right, and again, then delivering some of the worst crosses I have ever seen. Big Mak missed two gold gilted opportunities to score, JBG and Tony Watt looked like they thought they were simply too good to actually engage their brains and make the simple pass, or in Watts case pass at all. Fox just looked entirely out of his depth. (God forbid what Zaha will do to him next Wednesday?) And Barr was all arms and legs.

Dreadful evening, awful performance, how fickle us football fans are. Has Basil been found out? Will all the knockers be proven right? Should I have had 300 quid on us going down? (Of course not!)

The highlight of the evening was seeing little Kashi physically drag the Gargantuan Huddersfield number 11 to his feet when he tried to stay down prostate in agony after a hand bag tackle. Well done Kashi for trying to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Well done Chris Solly for being such a quality player.

On the subject of the second Sir Chris (Solly), great player, but should he be captain on the pitch? Great player that he is (and I still firmly believe he will go on to great things, and win an England cap) he's simply not vocal enough to be captain. Guy Luzon, whom I'm not going to start blaming ,yet , needs to think about this. It's no good making 'one of our own' captain if there are better candidates (if not better players) in the squad who may perform the role in a more proactive manner.

A very frustrating evening, I'll be interested to see Luzons post match press conference comments on this one. I'll begin to become a wee bit cynical of him if he harps on about possession, number of passes and shots on target - because the one thing above all of those that really matters is getting the ball in the back of the neck more times than your opponent.

Nighty night.

Rotherham at home...

I'm really not a fan of the international breaks. They make the opening couple of the months disjointed, both for the team and for the fans in general. (Well that's my excuse for my own disjointed and lethargic start to blogging this season anyway).

So Sir Chris brings his Huddersfield to The Valley tonight, for the first league game under lights of the season.

Saturday saw our good start to the season, by ways of both performance and result stutter a little.

Some good passages of play were followed by a slight naivety in the final third, and to be fair to them Rotherham did a very good job of frustrating the Addicks when they did actually get the chance.

We move on, as they say that's yesterday's chip paper.

Tonight's side may well include newly loaned attacking wide man Conor McAleny who has joined us on a short term deal from Everton. Hopefully he will fit the bill, as I would much prefer to see Cousins playing a more central role with JBG out on the right.

The big thing to ponder is what to do up front. Big Mak, in my opinion, has certainly changed the course of the things in the last two home games. I think Saturday against Rotherham was his best performance so far in his fledgling Charlton career. (I also think given game time he will get better and better).

I wouldn't be surprised to see the big man start alongside Ahearne-Grant. I think Watt and Vetokele both still have some fitness issues and could do with a rest. And I'd be interested to see Ahearne Grants quick feet tested when enjoying the hold up play and flick one that we saw Big Mak execute on Saturday.

The defence is fine. (Yes even Morgan Fox, who just needs to achieve a bit mor consistency). Diarra was magnificent both defensively and charging forward to create attacking options against Rotherham.

I'm betting on a more alert frontline helping us to a 3-1 win.

Saturday 22 August 2015

The most exciting game since when? Charlton 2 Hull City 1

...a truly exhilarating, exciting, frustrating, roller coaster of a game at The Valley this afternoon.

As usual I'll leave an actual commentary to those that have much better control of their emotions to report the facts in an in depth and articulate way.

For me, we pretty much bossed the game throughout, in the searing heat not one Charlton player gave up. Some have better quality than others, but when it comes to shear spirit and will to win not one Charlton player failed today.

I'm not sure what it was, but the atmosphere at the ground today was as good as it's ever been. Blood sweat and tears provided in spades on the pitch, dug out and stands alike.

Again kashi stood out for me, Diara put in a real captains performance, Luzons touch line antics were as entertaining as ever - culminating when he got 'sent off' for racing Upton the corner spot to celebrate Gudmunnsons Mataike assisted winner right at the death.

Charlton did look to be cruising to the three points until the otherwise excellent Pope dropped a clanger, and the ball for City to level. That got their otherwise quiet support riled up, and an exhausted Charlton started to look a bit against the ropes. Poor Ahearne Grant, who played a blinder, got castigated by Luzon when he was hobbling about the pitch both exhausted and carrying a knock having been clattered by one of the otherwise anomonyous Hull players.

Once Hull got a sniff of a possible late mugging they came at Charlton. An offside decision cut short the Jimmy Seed stand and Steve Bruce's celebrations when a header ended up in the back of the net.

At this point I'd resigned myself to another point, and pondered whether we might beat last seasons games drawn record.

I couldn't believe it when 8 minutes of time added on was announced. My heart went out for poor Ahearne Grant and the rest of the team.

I was even more surprised and elated when three sides of the ground erupted as Gudmunnsons poked the ball home from Makiek's cheeky nodded pass.

It was one of those fraught Charlton games that will live long in the memory of all those who experienced it. Another great win, and spirited performance. Neither I or the bookies anticipated that we'd be in the position we are after the opening four games.

Quality stuff.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

...New look Addicks show early promise...

... I know it's only two games in. I know we were only playing Dagenham & Redbridge.

However, Charlton do have a history of struggling quite often when pitched against lower league opposition in cup ties, and last night we saw the unusual sight of a higher positioned team simply having too much quality without having to try too hard to overcome such a banana skin.

All four goals stood out as well worked. Watt once again showed his quality. Ahearne Grant may well be the next of the Charlton 'yoof' to make a name for himself. Bergdich scored a fine goal and to cap it all off the enigma that is Rezza scored with a quality chip.

For those who couldn't get to the game or, like me are to tight to subscribe to CAFCPlayer here's a link to Sky's highlights.

The games come thick and fast with the next two in the space of a week being away in the East Midlands to Derby and Forest. I'll be happy with two points from those two toughies, anything more than that and i'll begin to quietly believe we may be about to embark on one of those special seasons.

So far so good...

Monday 10 August 2015

Missing season ticket mystery solved???...

Not sure if I, along.with my Mum,.daughter and sons.are.the only.ones.who.recieved a.postcard from the Royal Mail asking for £1.54 to release mail that had been sent without the correct postage?

I wonder how many other Addicks.recieved similar correspondence today?

Saturday 8 August 2015

Watt a Fox...

...Apologies for the dreadful headline.

What a great day. Two of my kids attended not their first game, but their first as season ticket holders.

The ground has had something of a spruce up, and the new screen in the corner of the ground looked great (although with all the new players I'd have preferred the old player list as a reference point for all of the new faces on display).

What impressed me this afternoon was the way a bunch of players who have not been together stuck to the game plan so well. Totally frustrating the QPR team to a man throughout, a patient performance and on the face of what I saw, and the stats when you look at them, not a fluke but a well deserved three points.

It was a surprise to see Ahearne Grant start ahead of Watt, but once the Scotsman did come one, despite his goal and excellent performance you could see he's not match fit yet (too many beers and donuts on the beach over the summer I'd surmise). Once he is fully fit he will prove to be a crucial member of the team and for a lot of this divisions defences unplayable.

I honestly would find it hard to criticise anyone that turned out in a Charlton shirt today. To a man all pulled together. Kashi was quality sitting in front of the defence. Assured, hard working, smartly playing the simple ball and insightful passes and tackling back when needed. A CAFC favourite in the making.

Special mention to the North Stand. Luzon crouched in his technical area and they actually sang his name 'Luzon give us wave...', I don't think he was ignoring them but just engrossed in the game. Once they realised he was oblivious to their overtures a chorus of 'he shits where he wants, he shits where he wants, Guy Luzon, he shits where he wants...' QUALITY.

Good win, great performance, and brilliant atmosphere.

Can't wait to relive it at 9 tonight on the sensibly scheduled new Channel Five Football League Show.

How good is it to be back?

It's here...and thanks very much sky bet!

i'm not deluded enough to think for a minute that we are going to enjoy a season watching Charlton romp to another league title.

However, I did stumble across the most generous bet on offer I've seen for a long time this week.

They (SkyBet) were offering 18-1 on Charlton being in the top six come September 1st. Yes that's right, the first of September, not after the long hall of a full campaign, but after just three and a bit weeks of the season. In a division where it's been proven time and time again anyone can beat anyone on their day.

Even more generously 50-1 was offered on the same time frame if we are top. (I felt that may be a bit like setting fire to a ten pound note and watching it go 'puff' though.)

I couldn't sleep this morning, so unlike a normal working day when I do battle with the snooze button and roll into work just in time, I'm up early clock watching, waiting and excited as the new season dawns.

To be honest it's even more difficult than normal to predict exactly how we are going to fair this afternoon and come to think of it over the course of the next 40 odd weeks.

A plethora of new unpronounceable names and faces to remember - who it would seem on the face of  it are a step up from the new recruits we've seen over recent years. Luzon now having the opportunity to make his mark with a full pre season of preparing the team to play 'his way', which according to him is hard, high and fast! Should be interesting.

A win today and I'll already be planning what to spend my 180 quid on.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Polish Pete departs...

...With Pazryk leaving on a season long loan I'm wondering if this means we are about to announce the final couple of parts of the rebuilding jigsaw.

I have a sneaky suspicion we will see another striker added to the squad in the next 24 hours.  Perhaps even a wide man also. This in my opinion would leave us with a squad that's got a bit of depth. Whether any of these new faces are any good or not, your guess is as good as mine.

Friday 24 July 2015

Things shaping up nicely ahead of West Ham visit...

With JBG signing a new contract and Cousins apparently about to put pen to paper on a four year extension. Six what would seem more than just squad players signing and the distinct possibility of one or two more coming into The Valley prior to the end of the pre season warm up things are looking potentially Rosie in SE7. Some might even whisper that now Liege are no longer part of the network RD is beginning to show some careful ambition for little club.

It will be extremely interesting to see how we line up tomorrow, I think we will begin to get an idea of what the preferred starting eleven will be.

I am now officially excited, had enough of no football on a Saturday and raring to go come August 8th.

Can't wait!

Monday 13 July 2015

The business end of pre season...

Following on from last nights comfortable 2-0 win at Dagenham Guy Luzon has stated that the home friendly against West Ham will see the ante upped as far as preperation for the new Championship season is concerned. He also suggested we will se at least three, perhaps even five more new faces coming in who will be of first team quality.

This coupled with the four new faces that have already arrived at Sparrows Lane and JBG signing a new four year deal says to me that those harbingers of doom amongst us will be pleasantly surprised with what unfolds in the season ahead.

We have a very difficult opening month to the season. If we can hold our own, picking up some points and not be near the bottom half come September then I'll be more than happy. Who knows? If the new players gel and we come out of the traps quick and fast then we could well be dreaming of a Wembley return (or better) come next May.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

New away kit...what were they thinking?...

It took me ages to work out how to work snapchat so I could take a peak at the new away and third kits, let alone take a screen shot (sorry) which I think goes against the idea of snapchat.

If we were playing away to Millwall this season I think we'd be hearing a chorus of 'are you Palace in disguise). I'm not impressed, if you've seen it yourselves you'll get my point. If you haven't then you soon will when it's put on the official site.

The Purple third kit, complete with its luminous cycling safety strips down the side ain't much better.

Monday 6 July 2015

Squad looking rather light...

With the traditional pre season friendly against Welling United just a few days away now the number of real potential first teamers in the squad is looking pretty light. In fact having taken a look at the squad list on the official site and removing yoof and those that have been released or sold I can really only see 16 names remaining who could be considered ready and worthy of being in the matchday 16!

This isn't a negative piece, as I'm sure we'll see a few more decent bodies joining the cause over the next few days, but just showing the facts as I can see them. Perhaps I've missed some experienced heads - if I have let me know, for no other reason than to put my mind at rest.


Henderson, Dmitrov


Bikey, Wiggins, Solly, Fox, Bauer


Jackson, Gudmunnson(hopefully), Moussa, Diarra, Cousins, Ba


Vetokele, Watt, Makienok

Of course there are the development players who were out on loan last season, but I'm not all that sure a few games at Plymouth or Canvey Island would have readied them for The Championship.

I'll be watching over the next few days with interest to see if, when and who comes in to re-inforce the squad.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Number 9 arrives at last, and he's a bit of a beast...

Taller than Andy Carrol and the same height as Peter Crouch Charlton today completed the season long loan deal to sign Simon Makienok.

As with all new signings I check out their showreels on YouTube  and the guy looks to be potentially an astute addition to the team and a dimension we haven't had up front since a certain Britons departure.

His goal ratio is around one every 2.5 games, he can hold the ball up and play an intelligent pass - and from what looks like a no fear attitude coupled with his sheer size could prove to be unplayable by some of the divisions defences.

On face value I'm pleased with the positive nature of all three summer signings. We'll just have to wait and see how else we strengthen and if and who leaves the Valley exit door.

Monday 29 June 2015

Second summer signing arrives...

El-Hadgi Ba has arrived at the Valley from Sunderland.

Sort of exciting, he spent much of last season whilst on loan at Le Harve crocked with a broken leg. But now Liege are no longer part of the network we simply won't see any more makeshift loanees coming into the club. Interesting times ahead.

This guys arrival has been mooted for several days. As has the arrival of a big centre forward from Den Hagg, I've watched a compilation of his goals on you tube and he looks like a bit of a beast who knows how to make the back of the net bulge. If this rumour turns out to be true then I will begin to become pretty optimistic about the new season. Even to the extent that with the ridiculous odds we are being offered on promotion I might have a punt.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Duchalet commits to a future in football, but not in Belguim!

Roland Duchalet called a press conference this morning to confirm he has sold Standard Liege to the clubs Vice President. When asked he reiterated his commitment to football stating however this would be overseas, not in Belguim.

This leaves the Addicks currently 'top of the table' within the network. I would imagine RD has recouped his initial 24 million outlay for purchasing Standard. If he does not pick up another club for his network who's to say he won't re-invest this back into Charlton, looking to progress us to the Premiership where he can really look to get a return on his initial investment in the club.

Pre seasons are always a fascinating time full of speculation, looks like this one may be so even more than usual.

Tuesday 23 June 2015

One in, another one out...

Damien Matthews is pretty much last man standing of the old pre Duchalet regime no we have seen Ben Roberts departure today.

For me the impression I got was that he wasn't just a great goalkeeping coach and a great spotter of talent but was an overall positive influence throughout the squad. Our loss, Brightons gain. I wouldn't be surprised to see a space made down the M23 for Damien and what's left of the old back room staff at some point.

Bauer coming in is however maybe a positive step in the right direction. I've heard he is more of a ball playing centre back so could fill the hole left by Ben-Haim.

I went to Selhurst and Upton Park game in game out back in the day. Travelled all over the country to watch a mediocre Charlton side win, lose and draw. (But mostly lose). So the chances of me piously returning my season ticket in disgust are pretty unlikely. But it would cheer me up no end if we see some players who are actually up to the job come through the gates at Floyd Road.

Saturday 20 June 2015

Whose next ?

So good old Joe Gomez has completed his move to Anfield. Good luck to the lad, he seems from what I can gather a well rounded decent bloke. I just hope he doesn't end up a bench warmer like Poyet and either is given a serious opportunity in the first team squad (tbh I do actually think he's good enough) or even better gets loaned out to a team that will play him week in week out. Maybe a decent Championship side where he's known and can be nurtured. (Wishful thinking me thinks).

I read rumours of various clubs interested in Jordan Cousins, my ever changing opinion of the current owners will change drastically if we see the back of  the midfielder. Gudmunnson has been touted as a potential big money sale, and the club have been bigging up his recent international performances on the official site.

Wiggins going wouldn't bother me too much, a bit of a crock now, spending more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. If we can get a fee for him I'd say go for it.

With so many players released and now one of our best players departed we really do need to see some intent from the club and some Championship quality players begin to arrive prior to pre-season training commencing.

Friday 19 June 2015

Squad rebuilding near beginning?

With just four weeks to go before the first of our pre season friendlies there are the beginnings of movement in the transfer market. All be it players leaving.

LePoint has been offloaded to a Side in Belguim for an undisclosed fee (putting a nominal amount back into the coffers) and I'm sure the money made and saved will go along with that of the glut of players already released to contribute to our overall playing staff budget.

Then there is the touted 3.5 - 6 million deal (depending on which paper you read) that will see Joe Gomez leave for Liverpool today. A shame we won't yet again see one of our own flourish in a Charlton shirt. We can only hope that as with Bowyer, Jenkinson and Shelvey the board use the money wisely to move the club forward on the pitch.

There must be a long term plan, other than standing still, what with the investment in the stadium improvements and new training ground, but quite how this is going to manifest itself with the playing staff I really have no idea.

We are plainly not going to do a Fulham, QPR, Cardiff or even Bournemouth and throw money away at it in the hope we go up.  I expect more movement in of network players, however as shown with last seasons step up in quality, we will yet again see an improvement in the pedigree of players coming in. And also some slightly better none network players sought out and signed for fee's.

Of course the pessimist whispering in my ear may prove me wrong. We could see the likes of Vetokele, Gudmunnson and Wiggins cashed in on and network players who are out of favour shipped in to plug the gaps. (I hope that negative whispering voice is proved wrong and goes away soon).

In Luzon I think we have a pretty decent manager, and I fully expect him to prove that over the course of a full season. Providing Duchalets knee doesn't jerk and he is given that chance.

As always an interesting week ahead, I think that there are maybe two incoming deals done already, and announcements are being held off until Gomez is out the door to provide the supporters who haven't yet invested in season tickets a reason to do so and those that have some hope that they've not just wasted 400 hundred odd quid.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Ridiculous odds...

Early (far too early) odds for next seasons Championship

With no real business having been done in the transfer market pretty much throughout the division so far Charlton are the bookies early second favourites for the drop in the forthcoming season.

Personally I think they could be eating humble pie come May. At the moment the best odds on offer for 26-1. I'm sure these early odds will change over the course of the next eight weeks, but even so - after last season showing, starting at second most likely for the drop by the tipsters doesn't really make a great deal of sense to me.

Friday 29 May 2015

Farewell to a great Charlton supporter

I attended the thanks giving service of a lifelong Charlton supporter today. The day he fell in love with the club was when he and his Brother were listening to a BBC radio broadcast in 1947, it was the FA Cup Final, and according to his Brother who was paying tribute to him during the service - he heard the commentator announce 'Charlton Athletic', fell in love with the sound of the name, and that was that. So began a lifelong love of the Addicks. Not a local boy by any stretch of the imagination, Jel was born and raised in deepest darkest leafy Surrey, attended Charterhouse and went on to forming his own insurance brokerage at Lloyds. In fact his Brother who was recounting his Charlton fanaticism we found out upon googling his name afterwards (Sir David Lees) was until very recently Chairman of The Bank of England.

I've always said football is a great leveller of both perseved class and people in general. He was one of our own, one of our football friends. Cheeky, fun, witty and very knowledgable about the game, and always with an articulately put point of view. His favourite pre match entertainment was getting us all to guess the 'official' attendance before it was announced.

His journey to The Valley every Other Saturday was a sixty mile round trip, mostly on the car park otherwise known as the M25. (I appreciate that there are plenty of Addicks who also make such trips for 22 odd games a season, and I doth my cap to them as well).

From what I can gather from those who recounted his life away from The Valley he was a general round nice guy.

So if you feel the inclination to raise a glass of whatever your drinking over the weekend and say cheers to one of our own, then please do. I think he'd appreciate it. Cheers Jeremy, it was a pleasure knowing you.

Come on you Reds!

Monday 11 May 2015

Season review

Now the dust has settled I thought I'd do a bit of an appraisal of the season just gone.

All in all it was a typically Charlton roller coaster ride containing some truly dreadful displays, some fantastic and spirited wins, some of the best football to grace the Valley pitch for many years during the third quarter of the season revival. Charlton supporters up in arms at the poor handling of Luzons appointment, a public meeting, then a great winning streak. Tony Watt gaining almost instant legend status. Freddie Bulot scoring some goals AND actually putting in some good performances. Gudmunnson eventually finishing as top goal scorer.

When you think of all of the above, Charlton could not be accused of not providing some value for money to their supporters. All be it due to the topsy Turvey and at time controversial nature of the way the season unfolded.

Guy Luzon seems like a pretty genuine guy. At first I thought his touch line antics were all part of some weirdly childish display mimicking what he has seen a variety of big name and character managers doing over the years, however having spoken to someone who (ahem) knows someone within the club, he is apparently quite the eccentric and a wee bit of a fruitcake. But well liked.

Now a quick overview of each area of the playing staff.


Henderson missed 15 games through injury, of those games he missed we only managed just one win. This I think tells us all we need to know about his importance to the team as a whole for next season. With the exception of Pope, who may well be on his way to Bury next season anyway, none of the back up keepers are in anyway up to the job. Either as cover or providing competition to Henderson.


Ben Haim and Bikey-Amougo spent the early season as the shoed in central defensive pairing. Both did okay during the opening phase of the season. Ben Haim being a cultured ball playing centre back, who occasionally had a rush of blood to the head and made surging forward runs. I'm not really sure why Bikey fell out of favour. Maybe I'm missing something but Johnson just seems a wee bit of a thuggish centre back, very much old school and I did not think he played any better than Bikey. However he was always very vocal and very competitive. Big congratulations to him for finally being able to lose the 'Relegation' Roger nickname that has followed him over his last two stints at different clubs.

The big plus for me in defence has been the emergence of Fox and Gomez. The latter we can hopefully keep hold of. A future England star in waiting it would be good to see him in a Charlton shirt and starting place for the next few seasons. Fox grew into the team at a much steadier pace, but as cover did a more than adequate job.

Solly had a quiet season by his standards, struggling with injury his recovery seems to have been slow. Hopefully with a full close season we will see him back at his best next time out.

Difficult to say much about Wiggins, spending over half the season in two spells out injured.


Despite a lack of depth, one of the biggest plus points of last season was the midfield. Cousins establishing himself as a key element of the team. Playing wherever required across the middle four. The real engine of the midfield/whole team, pitching in with a couple of goals and performing consistently throughout. I can honestly say I did not see him not put a shift in. A worthy player of the year.

Jackson struggled with injuries, and due to this never really had a long enough run in the side to get fully into the swing of things. Still an absolute legend and again like Solly, with a good close season I hope to see him competing for his place next season.

Buyens was the definition of inconsistent. When he decided to turn up a gem of a player, when not a waste of time.

Luzon seemed to manage to bring the best out of Bulot. Up until his arrival I felt Bulot was a waste of space. He seems very much a confidence player.

Gudmunnson is a quality act. His incisive runs and spectacular goals were a joy to watch. One of the few players who did not seem to have his head on his holidays for the last few weeks of the season once our Championship status had been secured.

Late comers Diarra and LePoint could not have been any more polar opposite to each other. Diarra doing everything that was asked of him, even nearly being the man to give us our first win over Millwall in a very long time. LePoint (what was the point?) really just making up the numbers when he was played.

Difficult to say much about Moussa. Crocked for much of the season and pretty uninspiring on the occasions he did play.

On the missing list is Callum Harriott. Tried by Big Bob as a striker (we should have seen that as an early warning sign). Fallen way down the pecking order, I won't be surprised if he is one of those who depart in the close season. We could well see him reacquainting himself with Scott Wagstaff at Bristol City.


Vetokele burst onto the scene, scoring great goals for fun early season. A combination of injury, confidence and being 'found out' by opposition defenders mean that petered out somewhat. In his defence up until the arrival of Watt he was pretty much playing up front on his own, supported by partners who simply put we're just not up to the job. Church, Moussa, the hapless Tucadean and even Callumn Harriot. It must have been hard work.

Tony Watt, Watt, Watt. Quality player.

The previously mentioned four strike partners who were pre Tony Watt I would hope will all be on their way in the close season. (I understand Church has already departed, an honest player, but not good enough for this division).

Finally Chris Eagles. For someone who hadn't had much game time prior to joining The Addicks he acquitted himself well. Scored an important goal and gave everything whilst on the pitch. Another of the players I hope to see again in a Charlton shirt, with a good close and pre season under his belt.

If we can keep the Crown Jewels that are Henderson, Gomez, Solly, Cousins, Gudmunnson, Watt and Vetokele AND importantly add some quality and depth to the squad. An additional striker who will actually offer some competition from the bench, an experienced quality centre back and a good playmaking central midfielder then I think we will see an improvement next season, maybe even a push for a play off place. Importantly we need to see these additions to the squad as permanent additions and not loanees.

Enjoy the summer.

Ex Charlton duo combine to win first ever New York derby

A Bradley 'he's better than shaun' Wright Phillips double won the New York Derby, the winner being set up by another ex addick.

See the below link for more.

BWP wins the Derby

Friday 1 May 2015

Post Curbs Managers...

Much like the Charlton players of late, I've had one eye on the end of the season and a nice break from the footie for the last few weeks,Mende the lack of blogging.

I think now Guy Luzon has at the very least earns his stripes as (touch line antics aside) someone who does seem to know what he's doing. The big test will be to see how he does next season when he's able to organise the players pre season and get a full tilt of it.

Sitting on one of South Easterns finest pieces of rolling stock (actually getting a seat being something of a novelty) I thought I'd take a quick statistical snap shot of the managers and there success since Curbs left for the 'big time'.

I've measured succes on nothing more than percentage of games played won and actual honours won.

Not surprisingly, and quite rightfully, Sir Chris Powell comes top of the free with his 40.99% win rate and records breaking League One Title.

Guy Luzon comes in second with a 40% win rate (be interesting to see where that sits this time next year?).

Third place, and again no real surprise in my eyes is Parky with a 38.6%

Then slimeball Pardew with 31.11%

The big surprise for me was that Dowie actually faired marginally better than Big Bob with 26.67%

Bob Peeeeeters finishing second last only to the unfortunate Les Reed with 24%. (I appreciate that we did draw a lot of games, so he may have lost a lesser percentage of some, but if the pre Luzon WDL form trend had continued we would very possibly be playing Millwall next season.

Les Reed finished on just 14.28%, he did however inherit a shite bunch of mercenaries and as he has shown at Southampton over the last five years, behind the scenes he is worth his weight in gold.

Tomorrow we welcome Bournemouth and Yann Kermogant to The Valley to (slightly jealously) witness the final hurrah of their promotion party. Oh and we get to seethe new home strip for next season (I wish they wouldn't change strips every bloody year, it costs a fortune getting it for my son!)

It would be nice to sign of with a win, however I'll just be happy to enjoy a couple of beers, wish my football friends a happy summer and look forward to a few weeks of empty Saturday's before withdrawal symptoms set in and the fever rears its head again.

Saturday 28 March 2015

A different Charlton

I had tried to post prior to the Reading game, but the rubbish app I've been using on my iPad for whatever reason froze and I needed to get on to the game.

Now that things seem to be stabilising down in SE7 I think it' time to take a step back away from all of the recent hysteria surrounding the new owners and their network and have a look at the pluses.

The players and manager that have come in since the departure of Bob Peeters (who it would seem was well out of his depth, both tactically and from a man management point of view) have certainly stepped upto the mark, along with the existing squad players. A great run of results with the exception of the home game against Blackburn have seen us climb the table, leaving even some of the wonderfully optimistic cup half full Addicks whispering of a miracle run to sixth place. A bit premature me thinks - but blind optomism is a general must if your to endure a long term love affair with our club.

Broadcasting the Millwall game live to The Valley is a great idea, I appreciate it's mainly commercial, but it shows that the club is begining to understand and reconnect a bit with the supporters.

Katrien Meirre has been on a media offensive, appearing on Sky Sports, Radio Four and in The Evening Standard. To be fair I understand and appreciate her comments about unpleasant emails and being accosted on the train returning from the Watford Debacle. I quite like her, she seems articulate, if not a little un-media savvy in some of the things she comes out with.

All in all it's a different Charlton to the last few incarnations we've seen. Different to 'the model football club' that we saw under Varney et al's stewardship, different to the well invested record breaking Leaggue One winning squad AND the club left to die on the vine by Jiminez and Slater once their backer bailed, different to the nomadic days of Selhurst and Upton Park.

Owners come and go. At the moment, all be it through a bit of trial and error, the current owners seem to have managed to get their incarnation of Charlton Athletic on an upwards curve. I'll wait and see what the summer brings, what will say though is that I'm actually optimistic that in a sensible way (ie. Not breaking the bank) the incumbent owners and individuals running the club at the front end will do their best to keep the current trajectory of the club going.

Wednesday 4 March 2015

I've got that Luzon feeling ...

A bit over the top perhaps, but I think post YET ANOTHER well drilled display, full of passion, hunger and not just the will to not lose - but to win we may have to begin to admit, at least just a tad, he does know what he's doing! I've been wrong before, countless times, but  willing to admit the fact.

The great atmosphere from start to finish last night further enhances a thoroughly enjoyable 'match day experience'

A couple of things stood out for me. Despite us all moaning of the lack of cover and depth to the squad for some time, all those who were called upon to step up and fill in for injured or rested players did so with verve.

Diarra and Gomez looked like they'd been the playing as a central defence pairing all season, Lawrie tried hard, and did cut out some of the surging runs from Forests beast of a left winger a few times. Having said this bringing on Bikey for Wilson and switching him for Gomez as right back following Harriotts injury, although being a tad risky leaving yourself only one sub for the entire second half - was the right thing to do and I've no doubt was a pivotal part of us seeing out the win.

Man of the match could go to anyone of Bulot, Watt or Cousins.

The way Watt took the piss out of the Forest defenders at The West Stand corner flag, getting continuously taken out, only to get up and take the piss all over again was a joy.

Even Luzon giving it back to the annoying and scrawny ex Palace weasel Freedman, when the latter began remonstrating about our player having the audacity to keep getting clattered, getting up and getting clattered over and over in he name of the Red Shirt made me smile.

Still not completely sure who's exactly fully responsible for this turn around, but I'm enjoying it.

Monday 2 March 2015

Forest Preview

Following on from yet another stunning 3-0 win Charlton entertain Nottingham Forest tonight, and for the second time in a week welcome back a former managerial legend in Lennie 'Houdini' Lawrence.

The signs are both Wiggins and Solly may be in need of a rest. Let's all hope Lawrie Wilson proves the Addicks faithful wrong for the second time in his career, and puts the sort of shift in we all know he can. I hear the excellent Gudmunnson may be out so we could see Christ Eagles get a start. I hope so as it's becoming quite apparent Jordan Cousins engine room role suits him much better than out wide, and I've no doubt this recent re-jig of the midfield has been a major part in our recent transformation of both form and more importantly performance. How different does the anticipation and excitement leading up to a game now feel to a month ago.

What will interest me will be to see how Forest look to deal with Igor and Tony Watt Watt Watt, now that their potent partnership is up and running.

Friday 27 February 2015

Return of The King

Bit of a cheesy tag line I know, and before anyone says it, yes I have moved on.

But one thing that won't ever change is my admiration of Chris Powell as both a Charlton player and manager of legendary status.

However, a good win and performance tomorrow is still what expect. My hope is that Guy will view this game as an achievable three pointer and revert to playing players in their correct position, not repeating the 'FM2015' type of experiment of playing poor old Lawrie Wilson in central midfield. For a player who's game is based on confidence, something he's been lacking this season, Tuesday night can't have done him much good. In fact I'd be surprised if we see much more of Wilson this season, and more than likely nothing beyond that.

Looking at the form table over the last six games there really is very little to separate the two sides. Both with a goal difference of plus one, Huddersfield having lost just one less than the Addicks, which we drew, and both sides having won just two of the six.

If Sir Chris does still suffer from only really having a Plan A, and we play with the forceful tempo and doggedness that we displayed in our back to back wins then another three points towards mid table mediocrity (which I gladly take) should be a good bet.

However if The Terriers do turn up and turn us over, then the bumper crowd expected may once again turn on the team and the excellent results against Brentford and Wigan will become a long distant memory.

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Well I did't see that coming...

To say I'm happily confounded would be an understatement. I went to the game today completely expecting another defeat and based on Tuesday's performance a pretty bad one at that.

Brentford may have had their off the pitch problems this week, but they're not a bad side, and their manager would and did have the backing of his players today.

The problem they experienced was that too a man, Charlton turned up. I really cannot see what the difference was. Henderson looked confident in between the sticks. I actually really liked Relegation Roger on his debut. A good old fashioned uncultured stopper of a centre back. 'When in doubt, kick it out'.

Vetokele paired with Watt up front from the start gave us, finally, a real threat in the final third, that we've not seen for some time. Even Bulot, who spent most of this week being derided by the Charlton faithful over social media had a good solid game. Maybe he's a confidence player. He took his goal extremely cooly, all be it he did look a bit shocked that he'd actually scored once the celebration ensued following his excellent strike.

It's always been a roller coaster being a Charlton fan. And unusual to boot. But today has to go down as one of the most unexpected and surreal matches I can remember seeing down at The Valley.

Who knows what happened between Tuesday night and today? I'm pretty sure Luzon didn't suddenly find a way to inspire the players and drill both tactical nouse and confidence into them. Maybe the booing they got in the week, coupled with the general pasting they've been getting since galvanised them into getting their collective act together? I really don't know.

Three massive points won, Millwall losing helping further improve my mood.

Let's hope the players can move onwards and upwards from today and carry some positive momentum into the season run in.

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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Charlton Abjects 2 Norwich City 3

I've avoided reading any other match reports or comments on tonight's game, as I wanted to try and articulate how I saw the game without being influenced by others opinions.

It would be a lie to say we were unlucky, and made a spirited stab and coming back into the game in the second half. But I'll come back to that.

The first half, we were simply abysmal, abject in our intent and clueless in our tactics. We had the look of an incoherent bunch of players thrown together for the first time and told to 'go play football' as our pre match team talk.

Frankly it was as horrible as anything I've ever seen at The Valley since my first game in 1981. And we've had teams of technically lesser players, but even those had more grit and pride than this motley lot seem to have about them right now. Frustratingly, of the starting eleven, on their day none could be described as complete and utter dud's. Because we know they are not. Mind you if I turned up for work (which is doing a target based job where results reap rewards and failure brings the sack) showing such a lack of guile and determination I'd be on my way pretty sharpish.

However, in the players slight defence there really does not look like there is any leadership from the top. Which is never a good thing. The highlight of the evening for me was whilst Guy Luzon was doing his odd crouchy thing, the covered end started singing 'your not Mourinio...' (I think they may be onto something there).

I got the impression that most of the other Valley faithful could not wait to get the second half out of the way and get home without us having shipped too many more goals. As it was, there was a bit more intent about Charlton after half time. All be it still in a pretty clueless manner. And I have to admit, although surprised and ecstatic when we got back to two all, (With what looked like a phantom goal from where I was sitting) I was just waiting for that hammer blow third to come from City. Which it inevitably did.

To cap a dreadfully poor refereeing performance and further prolong our agony five minutes injury time was added on.

Once again I watched a bedraggled bunch of players troop off heads down, boo's ringing around the crowd.

I think us Addicks will begin to fall firmly into two camps, those who tough it out. I honestly think Douchebagelet will either realise and admit he's model is wrong for the sport of football or get bored and, trust me, he will sell up and bugger off. And those who throw in the towel and go and do something less frustrating and expensive instead.

Ps. Despite my growing hatred of the 'network', Dutchalet, and all of his puppets I'm in it for the long haul!

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Wednesday 4 February 2015

At last! Now lets all stand up. Throughout the network.

So the blue touch paper has been lit. Rather surprisingly by the CAST, I don't mean that as any type of criticism, but to date, other than getting the ACV for The Valley they have been more of a modern day version of the old CASC.

And fair play to them. The response from Katrien Meire following their request for a meeting was both insulting to the 'customer base' and showed an complete lack of understanding of Charlton as a club and the ID of it's supporters and a more generalised complete naivety of the sport they are operating their anthropological (yes I stopped buying that bullshit line a while back) experiment in.

Football is a game based on tribal identities that is well over a hundred years old. And these mooks from Belgium just don't get it.

As for the public meeting. The bickering and sniping from peer to peer has already begun within our supporters. Here is an opportunity for the Trust to really step up to the plate, or get an face full of egg. My hope is for the former.

I for one will be as involved as possible in either getting our odd owners to piss off and buy a network of handball or European American Football Teams or to get them to wake up to and understand the beautiful game and it's supporters.

Food for thought. I know that Standard Lieges supporters have protested, shacking Roland's resolve, but ultimately he's still around like some evil mad puppet master. But what of the other network clubs?

If the mook really does still think his money means he can do exactly what he wants, and bugger what the tens and tens of thousands of supporters across the network feel (feel being the emotive word. Football to all proper supporters isn't a hobby, it's an addiction and a passion). What impact would a pan network coalition of disgruntled supporters do to his resolve? Apparently he did throw his dummy and wobble a touch when Lieges fans rioted inside the ground, but ultimately, carried on regardless.

I'm not saying for a minute we should smash our beloved Valley up. Let's face it.  Many of us played our small parts in getting us back from the wilderness and to our spiritual home.

The internet makes the world a small small place. If, as i'd imagine they are, a lot of the clubs in the networks supporters are as disgruntled as us, then why not try and reach out to their own mobilizers, every club has them. Whether it's those that organise 'meet ups' or sensible people such as the trust or Rick Everitt back in the other bad old days and organise some network wide synchronized protests. (Note I use the plural not the singular, it's gonna take more than one ra, ra, ra event to get this bloke to bugger off) .

How about it? I don't believe for one minute Roly will throw the towel in based on us Addicks saying we're not happy! He's already shown it by getting Katrien to fob us off.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

And it took all day to announce some lame news everybody already know's?

So it's taken all day to announce the signing on a short term contract of another much needed defender. To say I'm underwhelmed would be an understatement. On the plus side his name does sound like it belongs to a seventies porn star.

Here's some food for thought as to what may have happened. Some other targets were lined up. Maybe outright purchases or loan deals? Perhaps even other free agents ? The players in question took one look at the events of recent weeks, and thought 'you know what, I'm not that desperate!'

Or (and so I still cling to some faint hope that I'm wrong and all will be okay) there are some pretty impressive none network loan deals being negotiated as we speak/cry into our pints.

I'll wait and see, but won't be betting any of my best napkins on it.


Monday 2 February 2015

18+ warning. One rude word crept into this post. But it's an honest appraisal of why RD HASN't got a Danny LaRue

So there we have it. A bit of patience and all will be well. The network will work through the development of young players. (At least now Bob Peeters has gone we don't have to hear the cringe inducing saying 'young gunsh' anymore.

Basically, I had a little Google around to try and find some more depth to the network of clubs, and came across the above pigeon English article above.

Now although the intent and idea of building a successful footballing networked empire via great youth academies is a pretty good one, I'm afraid Duchelet has missed a trick or twenty with his acquisitions. How on earth is a Charlton youth player going to develop by playing at Spain's equivalent of Welling United? (Why not just loan said youth player out to, say, Welling United?)

The most important flaw in the whole sharing caring youth development policy, particularly in Charlton's case, is the localised competition to pick up the best young raw talent around locally. See Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, QPR, Crystal Palace (how horrible is that) all way in front of Charlton in the desirable stakes. Then various other clubs have locally based academies, Barcelona and Norwich City (in Surrey) to name but two. You could then argue Brentford may soon be a more desirable opportunity for parents to send their kids to try out, Millwall even. Then you have the likes of Reading, Watford, Southampton. None a million miles away. The premier league academies swallow up young kids en mass, spit out the average ones and keep the very few cream of the crop. It happens. That's how they do it. It's a numbers game.

Unless we are a desirable option, we will only get the off casts. And to be honest as eager as they may be, very rarely these days does someone overlooked go on to be the next Messi!

The quality, history and heritage of the clubs within the network, Standard Liege and Charlton aside, may in some cases be long, but is hardly pedigree (sorry to those other clubs, so please don't take offence). Like I said before, what's the point of sending one of our Yoof to Alacron. They're not Barcelona, so what will they actually learn that they couldn't have at any other third or fourth tier English club? All they will get is lesser quality game time.

Games up Roland! You may have experienced some political success, and made some money out of astute business deals, but you know fuck all squared about football. You really DO NOT GET IT.

And before those 'we should get behind the team' merchants pitch in, I do. I did on Saturday, until we threw away three points just five minutes after winning them.

Holmes -Dennis has been recalled from his 'successful loan period, where he got lots of valuable game time'. And the word is no proper signings tonight, but a free agent being unveiled in the morning (Barnes or Hasselbank anyone? - no didn't think so) says to me, we are right and royally shafted due to our glorious owner not having a clue.

The new regime continues to be divisive , at a club where the unity of the supporters has seen us through thick and thin time and time again.

It's not about the hierarchy of how long you've been an Addick. Me, my Mum and Dad (rip) , daughters and son have all done time for the cause. Generally with little reward, but a smile on our faces.

Roland. Admit you were wrong (unfortunately, something tells me that's not in your DNA) and GO.

It's not Luzon we should be singing 'you don't know what your doing' at. What spoilt child would not take the opportunity to play with his latest toy so enthusiastically?

Personally, I don't think a mass boycott of attending games will either happen or work. But how about we all turn up with our hands firmly placed in our pockets. It' a midweek game, so none of us would have eaten having come straight from work. Don't buy a proper gander leaflet (sorry I meant programme)' don't buy HIS beer. (it's his beer, and any coinage of profit goes into his pocket). If you must have a beer before the game, use one of the local boozers, those that don't already anyway. Give a local your money.

And wait and have a kebab or curry or maccee dees on the way home, or on the way. Don't give the mad man any more than the entrance fee. Personally I think Rick Everitt should organise a mass picnic on the pitch before the game in protest, everyone eating their own pack up and soup purchased from anywhere that won't line Roland's coffers.

The knob.

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Saturday 31 January 2015

Same old same old...time to bugger off RD

To be fair nil all would have been a fair result.

As it was to snatch a point when all three should have been in the bag was criminal.  The crowd really do seem to have turned. The North Stand chanting 'we are Charltons Red and White army' and 'he's one of our own' after Cousins goal say it all.

Basil Fawlty on the touch line cut a comical figure.

The positives I can get from today were the keeper looked the part, and I was somewhat sceptical when he was picked last week.

The guy from Spurs looked the part, just a shame he had to make way for the useless LePointless.

I'll leave others to fill in the details of the actual match moments.

My heart sank when Wiggins tapped the ball into the back of our net.

I'm off to warm up with a glass of red wine and reflect on yet another bloody draw.

Saturday 24 January 2015

I'll take a nibble of humble pie...but that's all...

A nil all draw. A decent after game press conference. (I can only guess the general idiocy of last weeks press conference was down to nerves. Someone once told me - that's actually a good thing. It means you give shit).

I can't comment on how well we played. I wasn't there. At half time according to the bbc we hadn't had a shot on goal. By all accounts the second half we actually threatened a bit. I was aghast at the choice of goalkeeper, but he kept them out!

All rather confusing being a Charlton fan.

Well done Messrs Powell and Parky on good wins today. I did have one foot firmly in the 'bugger off back to Belgium' camp, but as fickle as us football supporters are, will wait to place my own eyes on things next week against Rotherham.

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Friday 23 January 2015

One last chance Guys

First off, the wonders of modern technology are beginning to know no binds. Having had a hard earned day off to celebrate my wedding anniversary with the missus, I'm in the bath, glass of wine, listening to a bit of Muzac and blogging.

17 years ago when I took the plunge and made my oaths to swmbo life as a Charlton supporter was very different. The long awaited return to The Valley was still very fresh in everyone's minds, and we were half way through, what for me alongside the surprise promotion in 86, was my favourite season supporting Charlton. A forward thinking board, a young intelligent manager with a CAFC legend alongside him, and a cleverley assembled squad of predominately British players. The foundation was in place for Charlton to be English footballs model club. And for the best part of the next ten years, that's exactly what we were. Much to the malign of my Millwall supporting best mate. Sky Sports and the media in General would continually say so.

Now they view our club, it's supporters (if you watched the football league show last week) with pity, and the owners with ridicule and contempt.

I feel a bit of self guilt at my attitude towards what's happening down in SE7, but it's difficult not to, isn't it?

Take a look at the Belguim Pro League table. Liege are sixth and 11 points off of top spot. Roly's model works in as much as he has a network of clubs who've not gone bust, but equally have not won a bean. So what's the point then? Football is a sport. I know no sport that's not competative. Therefore if the model is to have nice stadiums, that serve nice food to nice supporters and teams that tread water and win a few more games than they lose then it works. But where the model does not work is that there are actually tens of thousands of generations of supporters across the network who, like me, are dreamers and enjoy the anticipation that this just might be our season. As a general rule it never is. But without that little nugget of thinking maybe just maybe, before a ball has been kicked, what's the point?

I'd like us to win tomorrow, but in all honesty, I simple cannot see that happening. 

I feel sorry that the wrong person accosted you on the train last week Kat, but to be fair, you truly are a tad delusional to not even think someone may take umbridge and want to have a word in your shell.

Here's good news though everyone. Neither Kat or Roly are actually stupid. Therefore, eventually the penny will drop. Your not helping any of the supporters or local communities with your ridiculous anthropological experiment. Your not going to make any money without winning things. Your neither gratefully recieved or wanted. They may have lost interest and nearly saw us go into administration, but at least Jiminez and Slater let the football people make the football decisions.

Like most Charlton supporters, I have staying power. I'm going to tough it out and wait until Roly, Kat and all disappear. Which I can guarantee they will. Eventually. In the meantime I am going to moan, and more than likely laugh at Guy Bufoon.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Eleven days and counting

So we've signed what our recently exiting 'idol' Big Bob would refer to rather cheesely as a 'young gun' with another difficult to pronounce name (if your me that is!) and not much else has happened as we count down to the Feb 2nd closure of the transfer window.

Part of me wonders and hopes that this lack of activity means Luzon (or Basil as I like to refer to the beanpole who's previous touch line antics are reminiscent of a certain Torquay hotelier) may not be coming due to work permit issues, hence we won't need to replace those first teamers who have decided that through previous experience they don't want to play for the guy. In which case maybe we will revert to plan a? Whatever that was?

I can just see the club statement 'the club have listened to the supporters and decided with the benefit of hindsight....bla bla bla' - well maybe not.

It does seem a bit odd though that there's still no sign of the non eu international standard coach though, don't you think?

In short I have a feeling we are about to lurch from one embarrassment to a new embarrassment. It all has me feeling a bit flat. (Apparently I'm not supposed to say that).

I wait with baited breath as Surley with just two sleeps until the game away to Kenny Jacketts very good Wolves side something must be announced today.

Either way I will certainly be watching Saturday's game unfold through my hands from behind the sofa as I'm worried it could be an even bigger and more embarrassing capitulation then at Vicarage Road.

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Saturday 17 January 2015

Let's make some noise...

So. The trust continue to rather placidly dance with the club. Rick Everett, 'saviour' of Charlton carries on venting his spleen in a way that simply does not do justice to the younger man, who quite and undeniably played an instrumental pert in our return to the valley. The Royal Oak 89 or whatever they called themselves (or everyone else did) are conspicuous in their silence.

What do we do next? Optimism has now left me. The current board have shown themselves to be pretty naive and inept in the world of club ownership, unless you are the biggest club in your respective country already (ie. Liege) or with all due respect the foreign equivalent of a Isthmain League side (much of the rest of this godforsaken network).

In short, you may get the impression, I'm a tad pissed off. I'm pissed off with the players. Who it would seem have thrown their dummies. Which to some extent is fair enough. But Surley, still try and, turn up lads! Have you no pride? The current owners - more so. You are intelligent succesful people. There is no excuse, for either the embarrassment you have caused YOURSLEVES these last few days through your inept management skills.

I will be at The Valley for the Rotherham game. But I can promise something I've never really done in thirty years at the Valley, Selhurst and Upton Park. IF THE PLAYERS DO NOT STEP UP, I WILL BE VOCAL IN MY CONDEMNATION OF THIER ATTITUDE. IF THE OWNERS DO BOTHER TO TURN UP, I WILL RIDICULE THIER NAIVE AND CLUELESS INTERPRETATION OF US CHARLTON SUPPORTERS.

It' not about winning or even losing five nil, it's about your attitude. The Charlton support has the right attitude in abundance, it would seem now, the tarts that are playing for us don't (sorry no sympathy - you are sportsmen, and your pride alone should make you turn up) the board, are a bunch of Mickey Mouse idealists, bit like Mick Clegg before he ruined the Lib Dems! I will keep coming back for more, but do not expect me to keep paying for your posh food and not vocally critising what you are doing to our great and modest club.

Whoever gives out work permits...please DONT GIVE GUY ONE!

A dreadful week was capped of with a dreadful result. It's been a few years since we were on the wrong end of a five niller.

The thing that worries me is that from what I can gather Lozon took training this week, and Matthews and Roberts would maybe have been instructed as to what line up and tactics to play.

I'm sorry but the guy called Guy came across as a bit of a 'Tim nice but dim' to me in the press conference.

After much talk of Big Bob losing the dressing room, my big worry is will Guy even have it to lose in the first place? Some gossip suggests not!

Watford are a decent side - I will just about reserve judgment on Tim until I see us play first hand against Rotherham. But I firmly believe the board are going to end up with rather eggy faces after appointing Luzon.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Disenfranchised Athletic

Surprise surprise. Us Charlton supporters must be feeling about as valued as 'paying customers' as commuters who use South Eastern railways currently do!

Once the news of the completion of our boards 'exhaustive search' for the clubs new head coach filtered through (whilst I was sitting on the new timetabled super slow Woolwich line service to Dartford) I thought I'd sleep on it, and also see what other bloggers and Charlton followers had to say about it.

This morning prior to electing to get the super slow Woolwich line service into Cannon Street, rather than be a sardine from the start on the semi fast, I've read some funny, intelligent and well thought through commentary on events of the past week in SE7.

Along with my own feelings the impression I'm getting is one of generally being disenfranchised from the ever loyal legions of Addicks.

You could say the current owners have missed a real opportunity to actually move the club forward hear. But I think we all know there was never any other outcome likely.

Regardless of any investment during the swiftly disappearing transfer window (and let's be honest, it will only be network players, those with some baggage available on the cheap and looking for a second chance, or as was the case when Luzon took over at Liege, bribe signings of ex legends to appease the disenfranchised supporters - that last bit was me looking for some form of silver lining), regardless of whether performances and results improve, our club seems to be turning into a monotone version of it's old self. Bland.

The problem we have as supporters of Charlton, is that on the face of it, RD ain't going anywhere fast. Even rioting Standard Liege fans couldn't get him to pack his bags and bugger off!

I will keep going and cheering the lads on this season. But at the moment, beyond that I really could not say.

The general lack of communication from the club (whatever happened to the club/supporters meeting?) and general disrespect from the board in the way that they do, on the face of it, think we are a bunch of gullible morons who will buy whatever tut poorly spun rubbish they spout at us is depressing, frustrating and annoying in equal measure.

I wait with baited breath to see who's going to step up to the plate and begin organising us Addicks into at least trying to kick back against this slow and painful demise of what Charlton Athletic has always been about and what probably attracted us all to SE7 in the first place rather than some of Londons more glamouress clubs.

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Monday 12 January 2015

Whatever next ....???

Below is part of the latest statement from Katrien regarding the fresh head coach vacancy at the club.

'Charlton CEO Katrien Meire says the decision to part ways with Bob Peeters was not an easy one as the club began the process of searching for his replacement on Monday afternoon
Iain Liddle reports

Charlton CEO Katrien Meire says the decision to part ways with Bob Peeters was not an easy one as the club began the process of searching for his replacement on Monday afternoon.

The former Head Coach had his contract at the club terminated on Sunday, following the 1-0 defeat at home to Brighton & Hove Albion, while Patrick Van Houdt and Guy Kiala have also left the club.

First-Team Coach Damian Matthew and Goalkeeping Coach Ben Roberts have been placed in caretaker charge for the time being and will prepare the squad for Saturday’s game at Watford (3pm).

Peeters leaves Charlton with the side 14th in the Championship, but without a win in front of their own supporters since the 2-1 victory over Bolton Wanderers on October 21st.

“It was a very difficult decision to reach,” said Meire.

“We had been very supportive of Bob until the very last moment, but the disappointing nature of performances and results in recent matches forced us to look at the situation.

“Despite recent rumours in the media we had not considered this option until after Saturday’s game.

“We have won just once in the past 12 matches and with the January transfer window open it is an important time of the season for the club.

“We feel this is the right decision for the club and I have asked Damian Matthew and Ben Roberts to take temporary charge. I have no doubts they will do an excellent job taking care of the side for the time being.

“We know how important it is to make sure this next appointment is the right one because I understand that this club needs and deserves a Head Coach who can plan and take charge for the long-term.

“I realise this decision has taken some by surprise, but there is still a lot to play for this season and we want to try and ensure the 2014/15 campaign ends as successfully as it started.”'

I'm sure you'll all agree that this all has a tinge of familiarity about it, twice over!
Both when Sir Chris was shown the door, and when Jose was overlooked in favour of Peeters. Whilst I appreciate recent form, results and performances have not been great, perhaps Big Bob was as much a victim of our overly flattering start to the season.

The big indicator for me, when a full time replacement is selected, will be whether the board have gone to the market and recruited the right man for the job. By this I mean, the best qualified, with the right track record and knowledge to make a fist of things in The Championship. If, as I suspect, Guy Luzon is announced - then I will finally fall in line with the doom and gloom merchants and admit that until the 'Belgium mafia' leave Town we will be watching our club become a shiny but soulless figure of its old self.

I wait with baited breath and a little hope.

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