Tuesday 17 December 2013

A question of quality

I've been pretty quiet on the blogging front of late. I suppose the lack of any real subject matter (other bloggers do much better match report's - that's not really my thing) that's not completely depressing and negative has left me to avoid posting as I don't want to simply moan week in week out.

However Saturdays defeat to Derby and the 'collapse' of the rumored American take over has lead me to feel compelled to post what I hope is more of an objective piece than a negative one.

It seems that the current owners have both run out of money and any enthusiasm for the job in hand. There regular absence from games tells us most of everything we need to know, along with the desperate lack of investment in the Summer. I find it amazing that players such as Fuller, Haynes, Wagstaff and BWP (who really can't be any less of a threat in front of goal than Church, Sordell and the rather lacking of late Kermogant) were offloaded not to be replaced with any kind of quality. Despite some decent midfield performances and a reasonably solid defense, how many times (as on Saturday) have we seen whole hear-ted huff and puff be superseded by our opponents ability to make every chance count and deliver that telling ball onto the end of a competent striker. I hate to say it, but our current crop of Addicks playing personnel did flatter to deceive last season. It's so often the case that a team that's just come up takes a lot of established sides by surprise, then once other managers have their measure the following season becomes less than easy.

We can't complain about the en-devour of any of those players that have turned out for the first team, this season, in fact in one or two cases the resurgence of certain players (Dale Stephens one man in example - my player of the season so far) is almost worrying. If the owners really are in that much financial stuck and insist on resisting administration and trying to get their own valuation from any perspective buyer then they will surely look at serious offers for some of our better players. With no intention of reinvesting the money back into the playing squad, instead using the money to keep the boat floating a touch longer. The best we can hope for in this instance is that an increased wage budget is given to Powell to bring in some quality loanee's who can fit straight into and improve the starting eleven, and perhaps even keep us up. Which has to be our best and most realistic target.