Thursday 31 May 2012

Reasons to be cheerful...1

It' been pretty grim in terms of media coverage since we left the Premiership, and even more so during our three long years in the third tier.

Sky and BBC red button services (or ceefax as I prefer to call it) offer club by club in depth info and news for the first and second flight clubs in English football, but just round ups for those in the lower league divisions.

I've been trawling these sites on a daily basis to see when our status is finally elevated, but alas I'm guessing this won't be until the 2012-2013 fixtures are released (18th June, can't wait).

However, on the football leagues website there is this which I think you'll agree shows the green shoots of recovery for us Addicks.

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Sunday 6 May 2012

Job Done!

Well the club and team certainly did not dissapoint yesterday afternoon. A great game preceded by a fantastic display by The Red Devils parachutists and the rather lovely Victoria Stanyon.

It had been my intention to do a bit of a photo log of the day, but to be honest the camera soon went back in its bag as I got on with enjoying the moment.

Much has been said about the 'smurfs' from the North East, and I apologise for re-iterating what great sports they were, really playing their part in making it such a memorable day. In fact Hartlepools United are pretty much the only thing I'll miss about the third division.

It's been such an enjoyable season, difficult to blog about (it's always easier to write about stuff going wrong), King Chris has certainly leapt into another stratosphere when it comes to club legends. What really impressed me yesterday was he did have a plan B changing the shape of the team in second half, which was instrumental in us coming back into the game and ensuring we broke that magic one hundred points total.

Haynes I found particularly impressive. His pace giving us a completely different dimension up front and down the flank. He's obviously finally got his fitness levels up to speed, and with a full pre season I think he will feature heavily in next seasons campaign. I did hear someone, who usually doesn't talk rubbish, that they've heard a rumour Powell will be given 10million quid to invest in a promotion push next term. Not too sure about that one.

Not really a great deal more to say about this season and the day overall yesterday. Magnificent I think will suffice.

Final note, I just took a good look at the new Nike shirt on the club website. Very tasteful, I've not done replica shirts for quite some years, but I think I might part with some folding for this one. I would imagine with his penchant for 'lablled' clothing it will meet with Charlton Casuals approval.

I may post periodically during the Euro's to comment on Roy's Boy's.

Enjoy the summer, and look forward to playing some proper teams next season, and Crystal Palace!

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