Tuesday 10 March 2020

Oh Fluffy Dogs!!!

I've not posted for such a long time.  If i'm honest I was still enjoying the hangover from the Play Off Final and great football we were seeing at the start of the season.  Even when the injuries began to pile up and Gallagher was recalled I was still full of optimism of the fact we could at least scrape a fourth from bottom finish.  And after all we then had the team rebuild to look forward to in the Summer! Right?

Wrong it would seem.  What an absolute mess.  There have been doomsayers dotted about pretty much from the start of the takeover (if we have indeed we have been taken over - i'm that confused).  Me i'm a bit of a perpetual optimist so ignored these, and the lack of business in January (which really should have got the alarm bells ringing).

If Nimer has pulled the plug one wonders how much is in the kitty to keep the boat afloat?  My guess is that if Southall does not find investment from somewhere else then Administration and all that comes with it, including points deducted is on the horizon.

Be interesting to see what Bowyers take is on it all and what happens next.

What a load of old crap.