Saturday 16 March 2013


Please shut up. What an annoying bunch of supporters?

I've not read any blogs or match reports since getting home from todays early kick off. Another capitulation against local rivals.

In the first half, to be fair to us, we looked lively and well up for it. Two glaring problems were again the link up between the midfield and strikers and Danny Haynes complete petrifaction of the immense Shittu. How someone the pace of Danny was always second to any balls put through near to Shittu i don't know. (Actually I do, he was scared of him). When Powell did finally get round to bringing Fuller on for Haynes you could see the difference in that Fuller was not in the least intimidated by the Millwall captain.

Harriott again looked like he could develop into the real deal. Wilson has reverted to being pretty useless and well out of his depth at times.

One of the most annoying things today was the reaction of the Millwall players when they did score. They actually looked like winning this derby meant an awful lot to them. And I think that defines the real difference between the two squads. Millwall kept going and going looking to carve out the win, once we went one nil down it really never looked like we were coming back.

Thoroughly depressing result and performance.

A deserved victory for our nearest rivals.

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