Tuesday 5 March 2013

Season defining two weeks coming up...

Before I preview tonight's vital away fixture I noticed a bit of surprising news today. Not sure if I was asleep when the promising Ruben Bover rocked up at New York Bulls in the MLS as a new signing to make his full debut a couple of nights ago. Maybe I was but I certainly don't really recall any mention of it from either the club or fellow bloggers. The only reason I even noticed was because I glimpsed someones tweet. Bizarre when we are so think on the ground on the playing side of things.

So onto to what will be, in my opinion, a critical two weeks for the clubs fortunes this season with three potential six pointers coming up. Peterborough have been on a bit of a run of good form over recent games. Over the last six matches they have averaged 1.67 points per game (versus our woeful 0.67). However as we see week in week out in this division, any one team can turn another over if they step up to the plate. Which is something that our boys really need to do tonight.

The problem is that defeat tonight won't see us plummet right into the thick of the relegation dogfight, but it will if results go against us see us head in a downwards direction and be a further knock to what is beginning to look like a team lacking or low in confidence.

I think Powell will opt for a 451 formation that has served well on some of our good away results, not sure who would be up top. Come to think of it i'm not sure whether we'll see Button retain his berth in between the sticks or whether we'll see a none complacent Hamer back in goal and back to his best.

I'm not going to outcome of the game tonight, as it's just too hard to make a judgment call on, I do however expect it to be one of those barmy midweek goal fests.

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