Friday, 15 July 2016

...Club lurches to yet another disastrous customer relations cock up...

Just seen the ticketing prices for match day purchases.

I've not renewed so this will apply to me. With the £5.50 handling charges it will cost me £34.50 to watch a League One match against the likes of Bury FC, my two kids a tenner and my oap Mum £21. So £65.50 in total just to get in. £1,703.00 for the season.  Last season we paid circa £850 for all four of us to watch Championship football. This time round  season tickets for my lot will cost £1,110. So we will be penalised by nearly 600 quid for not renewing the season tickets, two of which have been dutifully purchased, even whilst at Selhurst since 1980. Several words spring to mind. Extortion being one. Blackmail being the other. And the audacity to class any games as being 'gold' status is ridiculous. Millwall, Gillingham and Sheffield Utd! Really? Gold?

The club (or more likely Katrien) is playing a very dangerous game of poker with those who haven't renewed.

For those of us who have been supporting the Addicks with our purchases of season tickets, match day programmes and other items for decades making the decision NOT to renew and support the regime had actually been really difficult. And I have nearly faltered on numerous occasions.

Be wary StarPricks Holdings or whatever your called. This may well backfire. And the agonising and ongoing internal battle loyal supporters who have not yet renewed have been having with themselves may turn into complete apathy towards what the club has now become.  We may well see a swell in tickets and attendances at the likes of Welling Utd, Bromley and Dartford.

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