Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What was he thinking...{...} ?..

I shot my bolt early yesterday. Posting about the ridiculous fans@ email address prior to the flabbergasting 'statement' on the official site.

I fully expected it to be exposed as another excellent hoax al la companies house resignation. But it would seem it wasn't!

Despite the fact it was both extremely disrespectful and ill thought out (not to mention dreadful English) in equal measure I can't help chuckling whilst visually imagising RD and KM drunkenly pissing themselves laughing laying side by side in bed in the Marriott Hotel Bexleyheath, pressing publish on their laptop.

The whole statement seemed so surreal in its uncontrolled angry way. A complete lack of any savvy. It really has served no purpose for the regime other than explode through out the media. From The Newsshopper through to the tabloids, broadsheets and Twitter. The regime were even the subject of TalkSports Daily Rant this afternoon.

Oh Roly, wtf? It was like the most sublime embarrassing drunken text message, manner from heaven for CARD and media alike.

Good luck to the regime. Now you have really lit the blue touch paper I have a feeling your going to need it {...}

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