Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Can someone please tell Roland how to run a football club..properly!

With the exception of the two home games against Hull City and QPR this season has (he says stating the bleedin' obvious) been abysmal. In fact in my time, 35 years, the worst I've ever endured.

What makes all of this so much more frustrating is how utterly and completely unnecessary our predicament is.  No one needed to pay a kings ransom to actually assemble a squad capable of holding its own in this division. And when Harriott, the most attacking incisive player on the pitch was subbed, many in the ground could be forgiven for wondering whether the actual  target by the regime has all along been League One football?  This coupled with the persistence of playing Big Makionok over the excellent Lookman or Sanango just seems ludicrous.

Why sign a striker at this point of the season on loan who needs to build up his match fitness? What's the point with just ten games to play?

Last night when Harriott went off we lost all attacking intent.  Once Lookman came on, despite being continuously clattered by the MK Dons thugs we got some back.  But as has always been the case this season, too little too late.

Many say Milton Keynes are not a 'proper' football club, what Milton Keynes do have, is a proper manager, who has been allowed to recruit his own playing staff via the proper routes (not a computer stats scouting portal and you-tube video reels), who play for him with the proper attitude.

I think if we all ask ourselves we have known that we were doomed to relegation for some time, just the fact that other results had kept us in touching distance up until know kept some semblance of belief alive that something would click and things would improve.  They won't. That's not be being overly negative just entirely honest.

This lot running the club won't change their direction.  Their 'we know best' deluded attitude will I'm afraid see us drop even further down the league.  Maybe more so than we ever have before?

The current squad will struggle in League One and until the regime changes the only way is down.

Our only hope is someone finds a rich American (I understand they are big fans of regime change, and quite persuasive with it) who can get them out before the damage is irreparable.

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