Saturday, 28 November 2015

Two Percenters...

It's all a bit surreal down at the Valley these days. Confusing as well. On the one hand I don't know whether I actually want us to win again and give the current dictatorship the opportunity to say 'look we were right...again!' (Deluded bunch that they are). But on the other hand, it's not Karols fault he got offered the 'opportunity of a life time', and I do prefer to see us play with spirit and win games. And let's be honest, does anyone really want to see our great club back in League One?

The 2% campaign began last night with some online stuff (considering I blog as a hobby I really am a Luddite when it comes to most forms of social media) and I'm sure it was a very useful excercise.

I really hope today that the Charlton faithfull, who have been uncharacteristicuarly divided for some time, pull together in front of the Sky Cameras and hold up their black and white 2% signs as a collective on 2 minutes. Just imagine how embarrassing it would look if, well say only two per cent of the stadium participated.

Stop Press!

I started writing this before today's familiar capitulation against yet another vastly more experienced Championship side.

To be honest the two per cent post title could still be applied. To the atmosphere (or lack of it) in the home ends for much of the game. To the level of commitment from several of the Charlton players. To give Big Mac a 2% for effort today would be generous. Jackson coming off so early was a major blow. Ve Tez (can we please start signing some players with basic easy to pronounce and say names soon?)  looked lively and did actually make us look a little more dangerous up front. My heart went out to Lookman, a great prospect but the current situation can't be doing much for his confidence or prospects of developing to his full potential.

Mick McArthy is a seasoned campaigner, he would have looked at how we performed and won our last two games with a midfield diamond and set his own teams shape and tactics up to nullify and combat that. And it worked. That's because he is an extremely EXPERIENCED Championship manager, he knows how to get the best out of his players and when he needs to tweak things.

I didn't make the game today, having to do the usual ferrying around of children to scouts, football, training and rainbows that all gets crammed into the morning but allows me to get to the Valley in time for my 1.30 pint and pre match rituals.

For those that did Katriens sneering face was a picture when the sky cameras panned to it when the two per cent posters were held up in the second minute. I've finally decided. I'm not a fan of hers, I believe she thinks we are all a bunch of stupid plebs.

Reality is that the current owners need to admit they are wrong and we and the growing media commentators (it's was good to see the situation discussed live and seriously by the Sky pundits as the backdrop to the game) are right. If they want to have any kind of stability or success in the UK branch of their footballing experiment they need to recruit from outside the network and for all thing football related set a budget and take a back seat, allowing someone with the right experience to do the job properly and give us a fighting chance of not sliding down the football pyramid due to our deluded owners naevity.

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