Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tough test for 'Fraeyes' Addicks ahead...

After the latest revealing interview (see Michael Morrison in the SLP) further undermining Katrien Meires credibility, I've almost resigned myself to carrying on regardless with my support of CAFC, as I have done through near winding up orders, Selhurst Park and the third division (durning several era's).

However, I will still moan, and hopefully wait for the incumbent owners to move on and see what type of nut job we get next.

I have no doubts that had Michael Morrison got the chance he deserved in Peeters Charlton side then he would either still be at the club and jockeying Jonnie Jackson for legend status or we'd have cashed in and he'd be playing for a half decent premier league club. Something he may well end up doing with Birmingham anyway if they stick to their current trajectory.

Today will be a tough test for our players and also for the level of bullshit our owners can come out with, if as I suspect, we get absolutely trounced up at St Andrews. This is not me being overly pessimistic or negative, just realistic. Although I was proven to be wrong against Wednesday prior to the international break.

Interestingly Lennon and Ansah have been recalled from their loan spells. This screams to me that due to our skinny squad we need to find bodies to fill up ur subs bench.

Our only hope is that the revelation that was our performance in the last home game was Jason Euell inspired and he can create the same effect today.

I'm afraid that we will lose today though, lose bad, and will wait with baited breath to see what toffee Katrien comes up with to support the continuation of Karels 'interim contract'.

I have been wrong before, so here's hoping.

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  1. keep being wrong , it seems to work

  2. Ha, we definatley won't stay up and will categorically not be the surprise package in this years fa cup, going on to in to win an absolute thriller of a final in May. (Worth a go!)