Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ahmed Kashi & Chris Solly 1 Huddersfield 2...

Well perhaps the tag line is a little unjust, but I've just got home from one of the most woefully inept Charlton performances I have seen for a long time.  For the second match in days, on our own turf, we were frustrated and you could say a little humiliated by two teams who are where they are in the league, all be it early doors, on the merit of their ability.

The only two players who could come out with any credit whatsoever would be Solly and Kashi. Not one to single out players, and there are a few I could (and will) after tonight's capitulation, but it simply was not good enough to contradict the bookies making us early favourites for a bottom three place.

Perhaps our blind partisan optimism stopped us seeing the practicality of the bookies stance?

We played so fluidly in the opening two home games, but tonight were disjointed, undisciplined and generally awful. Bad passing, sloppy challenges and what was worst, once our opening gambit of a tactic quite obviously was not going to work, did we change it? No! We kept passing the ball from left to right to left to right, back, forward from left to right, and again, then delivering some of the worst crosses I have ever seen. Big Mak missed two gold gilted opportunities to score, JBG and Tony Watt looked like they thought they were simply too good to actually engage their brains and make the simple pass, or in Watts case pass at all. Fox just looked entirely out of his depth. (God forbid what Zaha will do to him next Wednesday?) And Barr was all arms and legs.

Dreadful evening, awful performance, how fickle us football fans are. Has Basil been found out? Will all the knockers be proven right? Should I have had 300 quid on us going down? (Of course not!)

The highlight of the evening was seeing little Kashi physically drag the Gargantuan Huddersfield number 11 to his feet when he tried to stay down prostate in agony after a hand bag tackle. Well done Kashi for trying to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Well done Chris Solly for being such a quality player.

On the subject of the second Sir Chris (Solly), great player, but should he be captain on the pitch? Great player that he is (and I still firmly believe he will go on to great things, and win an England cap) he's simply not vocal enough to be captain. Guy Luzon, whom I'm not going to start blaming ,yet , needs to think about this. It's no good making 'one of our own' captain if there are better candidates (if not better players) in the squad who may perform the role in a more proactive manner.

A very frustrating evening, I'll be interested to see Luzons post match press conference comments on this one. I'll begin to become a wee bit cynical of him if he harps on about possession, number of passes and shots on target - because the one thing above all of those that really matters is getting the ball in the back of the neck more times than your opponent.

Nighty night.

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