Saturday, 22 August 2015

The most exciting game since when? Charlton 2 Hull City 1

...a truly exhilarating, exciting, frustrating, roller coaster of a game at The Valley this afternoon.

As usual I'll leave an actual commentary to those that have much better control of their emotions to report the facts in an in depth and articulate way.

For me, we pretty much bossed the game throughout, in the searing heat not one Charlton player gave up. Some have better quality than others, but when it comes to shear spirit and will to win not one Charlton player failed today.

I'm not sure what it was, but the atmosphere at the ground today was as good as it's ever been. Blood sweat and tears provided in spades on the pitch, dug out and stands alike.

Again kashi stood out for me, Diara put in a real captains performance, Luzons touch line antics were as entertaining as ever - culminating when he got 'sent off' for racing Upton the corner spot to celebrate Gudmunnsons Mataike assisted winner right at the death.

Charlton did look to be cruising to the three points until the otherwise excellent Pope dropped a clanger, and the ball for City to level. That got their otherwise quiet support riled up, and an exhausted Charlton started to look a bit against the ropes. Poor Ahearne Grant, who played a blinder, got castigated by Luzon when he was hobbling about the pitch both exhausted and carrying a knock having been clattered by one of the otherwise anomonyous Hull players.

Once Hull got a sniff of a possible late mugging they came at Charlton. An offside decision cut short the Jimmy Seed stand and Steve Bruce's celebrations when a header ended up in the back of the net.

At this point I'd resigned myself to another point, and pondered whether we might beat last seasons games drawn record.

I couldn't believe it when 8 minutes of time added on was announced. My heart went out for poor Ahearne Grant and the rest of the team.

I was even more surprised and elated when three sides of the ground erupted as Gudmunnsons poked the ball home from Makiek's cheeky nodded pass.

It was one of those fraught Charlton games that will live long in the memory of all those who experienced it. Another great win, and spirited performance. Neither I or the bookies anticipated that we'd be in the position we are after the opening four games.

Quality stuff.

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