Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Is there enough quality in depth to stave off relegation fears...

The waitings nearly over, as our pre season preperation gathers pace. Away to Ebbsfleet tonight, then on to Peterborough and Portsmouth before the big kick off at Griffin Park.

Despite still being a couple of players light in the midfield still in my opinion and perhaps one more up front the squad is looking better than this time last term, if not as many in numbers. With 3 keepers, including Henderson - who I have high hopes for, 8 defenders including two new reccruits who have significant experience of the Championship plus Gomez who I'm certain will be given the opportunity to step up into the first team squad at his tender age. Based on the spin coming from Agent Bob (as my Millwall supporting mates are referrig to him) and the mature way he put himself about so far this pre season.

In miidfield we have 7 which includes the already crocked Moussa, and Buyens and Gudmundsson, two signings that I think come the end of the season we may all be raving about. The balance being made up of Jackson and the still quite young and inexperienced trio of Cousins (he'll be upto the job though) and Osbourne and Harriott. (Although if he does continue his late bounce back and flourish from the end of last season may turn out to be a star).

Up front, which lets face it was one of the areas we were really lacking last season there's plenty to choose from, the only problem is the quality of depth on offer.

Let us assume that Vetokele and Tucuden can play together, and score some goals. All good. But whent he inevitable injuries do come in to play, or we need to rest players, then the back up on offer is pretty thin on quality.

Reza may not be with the club. He may still be with the club, but that performance in the World Cup may turn out to have been driven by pride and the fact that he upped his game whilst performing on the worlds biggest stage.

On the face of it Church, however hard working, just doesn't cut it as a forward. Piggott based on what i've seen so far is the same. (I don't buy the age and experience argument - think Lee Phillips, Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Rob Lee, Darren Bent - all attacking players whose youth did not hold back their ability). Then you've got Polish Pete, who may or may not be on loan to one of our younger sisters in the RD family. I still think we need a weathered tried and tested Chaampionship striker who can start some games or make an impact from the bench.

All in all, nothing near the doom and gloom that some were anticipating at the end of last season.

I remain quietly confident that we are about to embark on a steady and sensible accent from the horrible decline, on and off the field we have all bore witness to over recent uuears. Come on Postie, bring me my season ticket!

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