Monday, 23 June 2014

First 'none' news conference of the pre-season

From what I can gather from the club website the much anticipated press conference took place today.

Some could be forgiven for feeling like it was a bit of a smoke and mirrors none affair!

Apparently Morrison and Poyet may sign new contracts, they are both in receipt of offers, it's now down to them whether they sign on the line or decline. And pursue other opportunities.

To be honest stating that an offer has been tabled really means nothing at all. It's all relative really isn't it. I could pop up to Berkeley Square and offer the Rolls Royce showroom a fiver for a Silver Shadow, don't mean they'd bite my hand off does it.

Equally we may be signing a striker called Igor Vitakele, a fee's been agreed it's now just down to personal terms and a medical being navigated.

In fact there are ongoing negotiations with a variety of player. Some of whom we may or may not sign.

On a plus point our squad has been boosted by the signing of a Leige first teamer in Yoni Buyens, a defensive midfielder.

Guess we'll all have to hold our breath and see 1. Who turns up for pre season training on Thursday and 2. Whether we fill the gaping holes in our squad before the pre season friendlies kick off at Welling.

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