Saturday, 6 April 2013

...theres nothing like a last gasp winner...

I'll start by saying what a great result. Forget the fact the ref seemed aware of a new rule that states you can use your hand aswell as your feet to control the ball constantly that the rest of us weren't, and the fact that despite pretty much bossing the first half- once we went one nil up the deepness with which we played completely let Leeds back into the game. I can completely understand the excellent Fuller needing to come off as he had so obviously ran out of steam. But going one up top was nearly our undoing on this occasion. Thankfully after Leeds equalised Sir Chris decided to go for it, made that one last sub reverting back to a more attacking pressure game and it paid off.

There really is nothing better than a last gasp winner. Once that final whistle goes it's like another has been scored.

One question i wonder is how different this season may have panned out had Hughes not been injured. A real unsung hero. Last season when he came in as cover for our injury ravaged midfield we not only stabilised but went on a great run. Don't get me wrong, Steven Gerrard he ain't, but he is, at this level the type of midfield dynamo that would find a place in most Championship sides.

Yan was heroic, as usual. Besides playing too deep once one nil up I really cant find to much fault with any of the players. (Perhaps with the exception of Pritchard who was good and awful in equal measure).

We are very nearly over the line. Confidence looks to be developing amongst the team again, a shame this didn't happen a month ago or we might just be vying for a play off spot now.

Once we are safe (and I think we will get there) most of this group of players will develop and enjoy a more consistent season next. Callum Harriott will mature into the real deal. Hughes could have his pinnacle season next term, if he stays fit. What we really need to find is someone to partner Yan the Man up top. Fuller, as great as he is, is just a tad past turning up week in weeks out and putting a full shift in. Not his fault, just time.

Last comment. Chris Powell is still learning his trade. His knowledge and enthusiasm will make him as a manager the complete package.

Anyone get the impression i thoroughly enjoyed going through the ringer today?

There really is nothing better than a last second winner.

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