Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ever ascending...

I've been far too busy reveling in last Saturdays result, enjoying looking at the league table (first time for a long time), and generally concentrating on talking myself out of talking myself into the fact we could still squeeze into the play off's to post anything here.

Lets be honest there are far too many teams between us and and sixth place for us to sneak it with four games left. However looking at the table it would be almost as monumental an achievement for us to go on a bad run now and enough of the teams below to string a run together for us to go down.

I thought at the start of the season fourth from bottom would do me. Mid Table mediocrity would leave me well pleased, now we have the opportunity to finish in the top ten - if that were to happen i'd be 'over the moon' and would feel that with our manager giving the squad a little tweaking/strengthening in the close season we could really push on next year. (The play off's ain't going to happen - really they're not!)

So onto Cardiff City tonight. What price having your heritage stripped off by your foreign owners - the reward a place in The Premiership?

The 'Dragons' only need one point tonight to ensure promotion to the promised land, having choked so many times over recent seasons I'm sure they will go up. The question is will they have a little blip along the way (ie. tonight) before securing promotion on Saturday? With our record of unpredictable and inspired wins against promotion hopefuls and 'bigger' sides on the road this season anything really is possible. Our players will be a bit more relaxed, which I think is when they are at their best and play with the flowing tempo that they are capable of.

I'm going to plump for a 1-1 draw, the slight blip I expect for Cardiff and the result that will finally dis spell any lingering thoughts i'm having of sneaking sixth spot. But then I've been wrong before.

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