Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Still not quite enough to re-new...

...That's the general Cooper Consensus at the moment.

The appointment of Slade an only be viewed as the most positive step taken by the current Charlton owners during their 2 and a half year tenure.

Unfortunately showing the usual lack of media savvy both Kat and Dicky put there feet well and truly in it. Yet Again!

Murrays 'poor me...blah blah blah...they called me names' self pitying and self indulgent whinge followed by Kats amazingly stupid statement about Varney's takeover bid include moving Charlton away from The Valley.  It will certainly be interesting to see the email trail mentioned by Varney who has threatened to publish them if no retraction is made within 48 hours.

Their actions meaning the season ticket re newel forms will stay firmly in the kitchen drawer.

What may guide a change in my thinking would be what happens during the preparation for the new season.  What players come in. Who leaves and who stays.

Slade is either a yes man or is self confident enough that he feels he can build success whilst managing his relationship and negotiations what he wants with the owner and his minions. Obviously I'm hoping for the latter.

Not sure what protests CARD have in store for the new season - my only concern would be that if they IF there has been a change in direction for the club and sensible decisions are beginning to take place any protests may well have a counter productive effect on the new look team climbing back up  the league.

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