Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A labour of love...

The trouble with blogging about any subject is that it's driven by the individuals passion and enthusiasm about a given subject.

Hence the fact I've not really posted too much since September. Following on from last nights, yet again, dismal performance and even more depressing result, and reading other people's blogs, I've been prompted to power up the iPad and put my thoughts out there.

For me last night would be placed equally beside the quarter final capitulation against Sheffield United as joint low point of the current regime. The toxic (and to be honest who can blame them) atmosphere emanating around The Valley making home games become a bit of a chore to say the least.

We all like to romanticise things, and after the encouraging opening 4 games of this season we had perhaps all become a bit guilty of false optimism. Ignoring the fact that we have a slightly eccentric manager, with very limited experience at this level, a very very thin squad of players with lots of potential, but again little experience of playing Championship level football.

What makes everything even more frustrating is the spin that comes out of the club, the excuses for lacklustre performance time after time not being placed at either the players, managers or owners feet. Always some mitigating outside force conspiring to stop us getting the result we all want.

Reality is that we are in a much worst position than when either Powell, Riga or Peeters departed. So what's to do?

Regardless of the injury situation (bad luck or bad training methods?) I see no one on the management or playing side, besides yet again injured Jonnie Jackson, who could take this group and pull it up by the scruff of its neck?

To blame our current form solely on 'key' players not being available is frankly ludicrous. Pope is young in goalkeeping terms. What was to stop us going out during the emergency window and bringing in a Championship experienced goalkeeper on loan? And however good or not Makaenik may be, it's not really comparable to losing Louis Suarez is it?

As I'm writing this, who knows?, once I press the publish button and return to the cafc home page I'll find a 'club statement' announcing Luzons departure and yet another unheard of member of the EU being shipped in to save the day!

Or, he types having put on his rose tinted spectacles, an experienced English manager with some pedigree appearing to save the day. Or even an old Charlton head coming back in to partner a younger Charlton face and help us rise up the table.

There we have it, that hideous cup half full optimism that has kept me coming back for more over the last thirty five years.

Come on you Reds!!! (He says, albeit slightly apathetically)

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