Saturday, 20 June 2015

Whose next ?

So good old Joe Gomez has completed his move to Anfield. Good luck to the lad, he seems from what I can gather a well rounded decent bloke. I just hope he doesn't end up a bench warmer like Poyet and either is given a serious opportunity in the first team squad (tbh I do actually think he's good enough) or even better gets loaned out to a team that will play him week in week out. Maybe a decent Championship side where he's known and can be nurtured. (Wishful thinking me thinks).

I read rumours of various clubs interested in Jordan Cousins, my ever changing opinion of the current owners will change drastically if we see the back of  the midfielder. Gudmunnson has been touted as a potential big money sale, and the club have been bigging up his recent international performances on the official site.

Wiggins going wouldn't bother me too much, a bit of a crock now, spending more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. If we can get a fee for him I'd say go for it.

With so many players released and now one of our best players departed we really do need to see some intent from the club and some Championship quality players begin to arrive prior to pre-season training commencing.

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