Friday, 1 May 2015

Post Curbs Managers...

Much like the Charlton players of late, I've had one eye on the end of the season and a nice break from the footie for the last few weeks,Mende the lack of blogging.

I think now Guy Luzon has at the very least earns his stripes as (touch line antics aside) someone who does seem to know what he's doing. The big test will be to see how he does next season when he's able to organise the players pre season and get a full tilt of it.

Sitting on one of South Easterns finest pieces of rolling stock (actually getting a seat being something of a novelty) I thought I'd take a quick statistical snap shot of the managers and there success since Curbs left for the 'big time'.

I've measured succes on nothing more than percentage of games played won and actual honours won.

Not surprisingly, and quite rightfully, Sir Chris Powell comes top of the free with his 40.99% win rate and records breaking League One Title.

Guy Luzon comes in second with a 40% win rate (be interesting to see where that sits this time next year?).

Third place, and again no real surprise in my eyes is Parky with a 38.6%

Then slimeball Pardew with 31.11%

The big surprise for me was that Dowie actually faired marginally better than Big Bob with 26.67%

Bob Peeeeeters finishing second last only to the unfortunate Les Reed with 24%. (I appreciate that we did draw a lot of games, so he may have lost a lesser percentage of some, but if the pre Luzon WDL form trend had continued we would very possibly be playing Millwall next season.

Les Reed finished on just 14.28%, he did however inherit a shite bunch of mercenaries and as he has shown at Southampton over the last five years, behind the scenes he is worth his weight in gold.

Tomorrow we welcome Bournemouth and Yann Kermogant to The Valley to (slightly jealously) witness the final hurrah of their promotion party. Oh and we get to seethe new home strip for next season (I wish they wouldn't change strips every bloody year, it costs a fortune getting it for my son!)

It would be nice to sign of with a win, however I'll just be happy to enjoy a couple of beers, wish my football friends a happy summer and look forward to a few weeks of empty Saturday's before withdrawal symptoms set in and the fever rears its head again.

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