Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I've got that Luzon feeling ...

A bit over the top perhaps, but I think post YET ANOTHER well drilled display, full of passion, hunger and not just the will to not lose - but to win we may have to begin to admit, at least just a tad, he does know what he's doing! I've been wrong before, countless times, but  willing to admit the fact.

The great atmosphere from start to finish last night further enhances a thoroughly enjoyable 'match day experience'

A couple of things stood out for me. Despite us all moaning of the lack of cover and depth to the squad for some time, all those who were called upon to step up and fill in for injured or rested players did so with verve.

Diarra and Gomez looked like they'd been the playing as a central defence pairing all season, Lawrie tried hard, and did cut out some of the surging runs from Forests beast of a left winger a few times. Having said this bringing on Bikey for Wilson and switching him for Gomez as right back following Harriotts injury, although being a tad risky leaving yourself only one sub for the entire second half - was the right thing to do and I've no doubt was a pivotal part of us seeing out the win.

Man of the match could go to anyone of Bulot, Watt or Cousins.

The way Watt took the piss out of the Forest defenders at The West Stand corner flag, getting continuously taken out, only to get up and take the piss all over again was a joy.

Even Luzon giving it back to the annoying and scrawny ex Palace weasel Freedman, when the latter began remonstrating about our player having the audacity to keep getting clattered, getting up and getting clattered over and over in he name of the Red Shirt made me smile.

Still not completely sure who's exactly fully responsible for this turn around, but I'm enjoying it.

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