Sunday, 30 March 2014

A chance meeting with Riga

I bumped into Jose Riga and his sidekick by chance last night whilst they were having a post Derby supper.

I'd kind of deliberated as to whether to respect his privacy or post. Baring in mind the unusual divisions that have begun to appear amongst the ranks of the Addicks I though I'd post, really because despite of what we know and what we don't know, or think we know, how we individually feel about Chris Powell (a legend in my opinion) and whatever is round the corner (food for thought, being a Charlton supporter certainly cannot be as bad as being a Cardiff, Leeds United or Portsmouth supporter at the moment) both him and his sidekick were absolute gentlemen, engaging, interested in my opinions from a playing point of view and accommodating in what came across as a very genuine manner.

A couple of decent guys, with a professional approach to a short term goal - keeping Charlton in The Championship.

Whatever anyone thinks, sumises, or feels about where we are at currently, I'm supporting the team and our current coaching team 100% in their endeavour to pick up enough points to scrape us through to at least a 4th from bottom finish.


  1. No Charlton fan in their right mind would not go along with your thoughts on supporting the team and management to get out of the current mess we are in.
    They sound reasonable gus, where was the meal in Derby or London (and if the former was the case, where were the team?)

  2. Mike, it was in London, and quite late, so to be fair the players would have been home rather than hoteled. Both of them were resolute on the job in hand. And to be honest I'm a supporter, so the minuteu I saw them regressed to 15 year old supporter mode.