Thursday, 20 February 2014

RD Press conference part one...

I've just watched the opening gambit/statement from RD and team on 'Charlton Wall', basically nothing surprising, but none the less despite being well rehearsed everything makes sense hence.

Basically RD is a firm believer in the new fair play rules (as am I), and if his belief that it will over time make for a more level playing field we really could see mid to long term some exciting times ahead for our sensibly run club. We may experience some pain and minor hiccups in the interim but on the whole this opening statement fills me with quiet confidence that after these wilderness years we have an intelligent and sensible owner with the best interests of the club, fans, and needless to say their own investment at heart.

His comments on moving players around his stable of clubs does make sense (although we'll all agree that the squad does need a fresh injection of some more quality and depth if the immediate collective goal of Championship survival is to be obtained) and his firm belief in a quality youth development program is another factor that bodes well for the long term future of our club.

I'll post later on once I've watched the press conference in full, paying particular attention to the actual press questions and how they are answered. (This will be the really telling part of what we are to expect over the coming years, although what I have heard so far does leave me quietly confident of better times ahead).

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