Sunday, 5 January 2014

Another Charlton legend returns...

I'd spent much of last week telling my Millwall supporting best mate and Palarse supporting boss that the Belgian takeover was never going to happen, and whatever was hiding in the closet at The Valley had put the anchors on the deal. Call it a natural leaning to pessimism/realism that us Addicks have.

I was wrong RD has taken over and immediately after such a long time of nout coming out of the boardroom actions taking place. Big time. Hopefully the attention that is being paid to sorting out the pitch is just a taste of sensible things to come. Along with the welcome return of Mr Murray. He may have been part of the management team that dropped the ball so magnificently when Dowie was appointed Curbs successor and our monumentally rapid decline therein after, but he hung on in there, managed to get the mugs to buy us, stave off administration, employ SCP AND get us back up from the third division. And most importantly, i'm sure was an integral player in getting this deal done. Hence, i'm guessing, his appointment as non exec chairman.

Despite some of the woeful performances this season, we are only two or three players short of having a very competitive Championship squad. And once contract issues are sorted with some of our senior players and manager i expect to see a return of the momentum we saw a season ago.

I certainly don't expect immediate glory. From what i can gather we now have a level headed owner, who may make some tough decisions, but they will be considered, measured and if Standard Liege are anything to go on will be for the long term best of our club.

Whatever has happened over the last few years, Murray has always had the best interests of the club HE supports just like us at heart. Whatever Jiminez and Slater have said in the press (following the best part of two years silence) it's Richard Murray we should thank for getting our great club back on track.

What a difference a week can make!

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