Monday, 28 October 2013

Football for a fiver...

Football snobbery can be a strange thing.

I have been guilty of this on many occasions when talking to my missus. She's a Scouser (born in Eltham but it's in her lineage) and a through and through Liverpool supporter by her own football hating Fathers design (long story), but I know more about both her club and my own. And do rub her nose in my seventies and eighties trainspotting football trivati and  knowledge of the apparent obscure probably too much.

Charlton are not the only club where there are mixed mindsets based around these promotional types of match days.

My best friend is a Millwall supporter (he's actually a really nice bloke) and he bemoans the reaction of some of his fellow season ticket holders when they (copy Charlton) run these innovative promotions. 'Why the f*@K should I pay fifteen/twenty quid a game when they're only coughing a fiver to watch this sh**'

I do appreciate that there are those of us that pay the full fare match in match out at The Valley (i'm a season ticket holder since the days when Eastenders had not even aired yet, the Star Wars Trilogy was not even a trilogy yet and Liverpool were still winning things) there are even those that do this AND pay the time, travel expense and away ticket prices every other week to support the mighty Addicks.

Personally I can only view a crowd attendance reminiscent of those halcyon premiership days as a good thing. For a variety reasons. One - if there was such a better atmosphere created by the same number of people at a Premiership game, then that is simply because they were fair weather fans who enjoyed the limelight but soon vacated the ship (like rats!) when things went too swiftly south and are probably watching a n other 'Prem Club' and revelling in such 'glory' or have simply 'outgrown/become disillusioned' with the beautiful game. Out with the old in with the new, who are actually willing to give it a try outside of the top flight. That's what I say.

If you look at the dynamics of our new/old stadium. It's really the North Stand that makes the majority of the constant noise at The Valley. And good luck to them. I've always been a West Stand Boy. Not known for our chanting - but prone to outbursts of delirium and angst in equal measure.

The two important factors are that it could, just could cultivate new Addicks to keep the faith going forward and even more importantly creates extra revenue in abundance. I'd guess (simply cos I can't be all that bothered to do the maths) our average attendance so far this season must be around 12-13,000. Baring in mind Wigan only brought at best a few hundred to the game, that's an extra TEN THOUSAND potential new Addicks and programmes, burgers, hot chocolates or pints of beer purchased. It's a bit of a no brainer considering the current predicament of the club and it's finances isn't it?

And isn't it exciting to look around and see a fullish Valley?

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