Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charlton 0 Huddersfield 1 r'effing hell

Only two more home games to go. (Thank goodness).

I felt that yesterday, finally, the players were beginning to get the message from Sir Chris and starting to play with a slightly better shape and trying some things they must have been practicing on the training ground during the match.

To be fair it was a pretty even game, both sides had periods of supremacy, and we had quite a few chances to get in front.

At the very least we deserved a draw, and I think probably a win.  Once again the awful refereeing at this level was most evident, and had a huge impact upon the final result.  Huddersfield getting away with some quite cynical challenges at times. And the goal. Apparently players are supposed to keep their hands at their sides when in a wall for a free kick.  You tell me anyone who isn't going to try and protect themselves when a leather ball is about to be struck at them at speed.  And how can it really be hand to ball when a ball travelling at x miles per hour hits a players hand in the wall?

Once again Semedo showed he is one of the few on the playing staff that is Charlton through and through. He deserved the captains armband, and I can only really see Stewart being his closest challenger out of the current crop next season. (This doesn't take into account who we bring in and whether or not Dailly is now finished).

Of the team that played yesterday, the only players I really hope we keep for next season are Bessone, Semedo, Stewart, BWP and Llera (even though he wasn't used).  I'd also like to see Sullivan back at the Valley next season (he's out of contract in the summer) he looked solid and if nothing else has excellent taste in music.

I won't be at the Rochdale game as I'll be travelling back from a visit to the outlaws in Dorset.

I will, babysitter permitting, be there for the last game of this awful season. And fully intend to take advantage of the kids for a quid initiative and bring four of my kids along. Hopefully poor Jack may finally see Charlton win. (Otherwise I fear losing him to the dark side).

Sullivan; Solly, Fortune, Doherty, Bessone; Wagstaff, Semedo, Stewart, Racon (Reid 78), Benson, Wright-Phillips. Subs (not used): Gough, Francis, Llera, Parrett, Eccleston, Nouble.

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