Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Strange Times...

 It's been so long since I've posted anything.  So long that I wonder if the feed will even pick up this post.

The whole Timer/Paul Elliot saga along with empty grounds, the pandemic and generally odd times we are living in left me pretty uninterested with the beautiful game.

The worryingly Dowiesque nature that this season has started has pricked up my ears however, so I felt compelled to come out of my slumber and put my thoughts on here.

When he was announced I was neither over or underwhelmed by the appointment of Adkins.  Sure he did perform back to back promotions with Southampton, but since then has not achieved very much at all.  I also find his over cheerful nature, in the face of such shite performances very annoying. I get his style of man management is very much of the cup half full variety, but come on! You simply cannot polish a turd.

Defeat at a depleted Gillingham tonight shout really mean the fat lady has sung her final note, but i'm not all that sure TS has the ruthless streak to get rid of quick and admit his mistake.

One thing I do know is that historically 'Charlton People' have generally made the best managers of the Addicks not B Level 'names'.

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  1. You make a good point in that last paragraph. But who would be prepared to take the poisoned chalice? Curbs is much to canny to risk his reputation and JJ is too much of a "good bloke" to command and lead. Maybe Euell . I think Sangaard needs to take a look at the club's structure. we've got a CEO (from Katrien) who doesn't get on with Parkes the respected club sec. Not quite sure what he brings to the table. We managed OK before he came..There's Roddy - once again what does bring? Seems to me there's a lot of surplus back room guys which can't help with club moral. JMOOC